The Fraudsters’ Holiday: Retail Call Centers Should Brace for Impact

As the holidays approach, shoppers gear up to find the best deals to supplement their wish lists and fraudsters prepare to take advantage of these consumers. It is estimated that  70 percent of Americans, or 164 million people, will shop during Thanksgiving day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, aiming to find the best deals, both online and in-store. Sales from…
November 22, 2017
Call Center Fraud Vectors & Fraudsters Defeated | Recap
Following Call Center Fraud Vectors & Fraudsters: Analyzed, Pindrop’s Director of Fraud Prevention and Strategy, Shawn Hall, hosted a webinar explaining the methods used to…
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October 18, 2017
Call Center Criminals Unmasked | Real-Life Fraudsters & Audio Recordings
Call center criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in order to maneuver around authentication and security measures, granting them access to sensitive information. It is evident the evolution of fraudsters’ techniques is jump-starting other criminal behavior including account takeover and identity theft – causing the global increase in call center fraud to jump to 113% since last year. Pindrop® Labs analyzed…
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October 31, 2017
Data Breaches: The Death Knell of KBA
In the 1930s, the United States introduced Social Security Numbers to keep track of workers’ wages and their Social Security Program contributions. Today, the private…
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October 25, 2017
Call Center Fraud Vectors & Fraudsters Analyzed Revisited
Pindrop® Labs has analyzed hundreds of millions of calls, collecting data from the top eight U.S. banks, top five insurers, and additional enterprise call centers.…
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October 4, 2017
Tackling the 113% Fraud Increase in Call Centers | Webinar Recap
Focused on phone fraud prevention and securing the increasingly ubiquitous voice interface, Pindrop® Labs’ analyzed over half a billion calls to determine that call center…
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September 28, 2017
How Pindrop Protect®, Hi-Def Phoneprinting, and Machine Learning Help Secure Enterprise Call Centers
The Growing Impact of Fraud The rising threat of fraud for omnichannel organizations often fails to extend security to all customer touch points. While physical assets can be guarded with vaults and online resources can be protected with two-factor authentication, the phone channel is often left the most vulnerable. Legacy solutions like knowledge based authentication questions (KBAs), stand-alone voice biometrics,…
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September 14, 2017 | Dennis Fisher
Senator Seeks Privacy Answers on Face ID
As tech enthusiasts pour over the design details of the iPhone X and swoon at the thought of a quarter-inch more screen space, some lawmakers…
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September 13, 2017 | Dennis Fisher
Privacy Advocates Urge Better Protection for Financial Data
Privacy advocates are urging Congress to make major changes to the security and privacy guidance given to financial companies, and make breach notifications mandatory. In…
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September 12, 2017
BlueBorne Attack Threatens IoT Devices
Researchers have developed a new attack against Bluetooth-enabled devices that takes advantage of the fact that these devices are always listening for connections and can…
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September 12, 2017 | Dennis Fisher
We’ve Reached Peak Data Breach
It would seem that data breaches have now reached their logically absurd peak. The compromise of Equifax, revealed last Thursday evening, is the kind of…
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September 11, 2017 | Dennis Fisher
Overlay Attack Threatens Many Android Users
A vulnerability in nearly all of the current versions of Android can be used by attackers to execute an overlay attack to trick users into…
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July 26, 2017 | Dennis Fisher
Facebook CSO: It’s Time to Focus on Real Problems
LAS VEGAS–The security community needs to get back to solving real problems facing real users in the real world, Facebook’s CSO said, and the company is putting up a million dollars to help do that. Alex Stamos, the top security official at Facebook, said security professionals are spending too much time focusing on elaborate hacks and rare vulnerabilities, at the…
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