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A voice for good.

We believe the best technology makes you forget that you’re using it. Because when life happens, people aren’t thinking about credentials or security. They’re looking to connect.

Human-centered solutions that just work

It all started when founder Vijay Balasubramaniyan was traveling in India and tried to order a new suit from a local tailor. His bank flagged the transaction as suspicious — but neither party could prove his identity over the phone.

And so, as is so often the case, technology was doing the exact opposite of its intent: placing digital barriers between genuine, human moments. Pindrop was founded to ensur that this never happens again. From revolutionizing the call center to re-imagining how we interact with our smart devices, Pindrop’s core mission has never wavered: to bring security, identity, and intelligence to every voice interaction.

Leadership Team

Founders. Scientists. Technologists. And vocal proponents for more secure, human, and impactful experiences.


The future of voice authentication is a story we’re writing with our amazing partners. We play well with others because we believe in accelerating access for you and your customers across a broad ecosystem.

Global Alliance Partners

Global Alliance Partners

Global Alliance Partners


The passion we bring to our customers is matched only by the passion we have for providing people with incredible work experiences.

Open new worlds.
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At Pindrop, your unique voice is everything. We give employees the freedom and encouragement to speak up, chart their own course, and create new realities for themselves, our customers, and the people they serve.


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