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VeriCall® Technology

Enhance customer authentication through cutting-edge ANI validation, sophisticated spoof detection, and innovative risk-based authentication with VeriCall Technology.
Spoofed Calls Detected
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Simplify customer authentication

ANI Validation and Spoof Detection

VeriCall Technology analyzes call metadata with machine learning to validate when a call is coming from the device that owns the number. The technology completes analysis in milliseconds and delivers scoring to the IVR to enable routing and authentication decisions.


Risk Based Authentication

Using the same API endpoint, VeriCall Technology now delivers a separate PIN Score designed to assess fraud risk posed by the calling number. The PIN score is generated using a vast array of call intelligence derived from Pindrop’s methodology and analysis already applied to over 5 billion calls to date.

Highlighting VeriCall Technology

Automatically Green Light Callers

Over 90% of callers now get the “Green Light” to remove security questions, one-time passcodes, or agent-led authentication.

Calls scored Green can result in:

  • Lower handle time
  • Self-service
  • Higher CSAT score
  • Better agent performance

Utilize Fraud Intelligence to Identify Risk

Our PIN Score is able to identify risk from just a phone number, which can inform call routing, authentication policies, agent alerts, and more.
Flagging phone number risk can result in:
  • Step down authentication for more callers
  • Mitigating fraud events and losses
  • Improved protection on customer accounts
  • Avoiding bad publicity
  • Added confidence for agents
Our Customers

Two Top U.S. Banks Saw 20x ROI with Pindrop

Pindrop helped them reduce fraud, improve their customer experience, and reduce operational costs for 2 large banks.

VeriCall® Technology on Amazon Marketplace

VeriCall Technology can be purchased directly through Amazon using the public or private offer process available through the AWS Marketplace. Purchasing VeriCall Technology using your dedicated AWS budget also allows your business to take advantage of the significant discounts available as a part of the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP).

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