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Voice - Our New Interface for Everything

With the explosive growth of voice applications and devices, we have reached a tipping point where consumers are expecting voice interfaces to play a big role in their daily lives. It started with smartphones, then moved to smart speakers in the home, and now it is becoming an expected standard feature in all connected devices.1

According to the 2020 Smart Audio Report, 63% of Americans currently use a voice-operated personal assistant on any device.3 Also, a report by Juniper Research states that consumers will interact with voice assistants on 8.4 billion devices by 2024 compared to the 4.2 billion devices expected to be in use by year-end 2020.1


Awareness of Voice-Enabled Products and Devices2


Have Used a Voice Assistant
Of the 90% aware2


Voice-enabled Devices by 20241


Say personalization is important to them4


More likely to shop if experience is personalized5


Have trust, privacy, and passive listening concerns6
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Secure & Personalized Voice Solutions Are Essential

In a living room, household, car, or office where multiple people may be engaging with devices via voice, it is critical that devices easily recognize who is speaking and be able to apply the correct profile and permissions associated with that speaker. It becomes even more critical as consumers move from simply searching for things via voice, to actually transacting and paying via voice. This ability to provide secure and personalized user engagement is what will differentiate experiences in the marketplace.

Pindrop Deep Voice® Solutions for Smart Devices

Pindrop’s solutions for smart devices provide the reliability and accuracy needed for partners to provide innovative user experiences to increase consumer engagement and retention. These Pindrop solutions are also designed to integrate with your existing voice platform including your speech-to-text (ASR) and NLU engine.

Proven Technology

Pindrop is a leader in fraud detection and voice authentication, currently delivering voice solutions to 8 of the top 10 banks in the world.

Easy To Integrate

Pindrop’s Deep Voice® technology including Pindrop’s Identity API and Pindrop’s Passive Enrollment Identity API make it easy to integrate into a platform, service, or application.

Platform Agnostic

Pindrop’s voice technology provides flexibility that enables you to innovate with voice-based personalized experiences. Own your own data and retain your brand equity for the unique solutions you can provide.

Partner Friendly

Pindrop is a leader in fraud detection and voice authentication, currently delivering voice solutions to 8 of the top 10 banks in the world.Built for partners. Work together with the Pindrop team to plan and create new, differentiated capabilities, and adapt the business model that is right to bring those capabilities to market.

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