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Pindrop® Passport: Advanced Behavioral Biometrics

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Contact center authentication, innovated

Passive voice authentication

Caller authentication in the voice channel happens behind the scenes, with no added customer friction.

One channel, multiple factors

Truly multi-factor authentication via device and behavior analysis, speaker recognition, and ANI validation.

Advanced risk engines

Machine learning on over 5 billion calls analyzes suspicious calling patterns and known fraudulent numbers to deliver a risk assessment on every call.

Deliver a better caller experience

Seamless and secure account access

Fewer KBAs on low-risk calls mean less customer headaches, while stepping up authentication for higher-risk calls means keeping customer accounts safe

Increased self-service

Allow more self-service capabilities to authenticated customers, reducing the need for agent intervention

Faster time to call resolution

Authentication in the IVR can reduce agent processing time and increase confidence in customer verification.

2.5 Million Minutes of Handle-Time Saved

Download our case study to see how First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) cut average handle-time by 30 seconds.

Our Customers

Pindrop Technologies


Behavioral Analysis

Analyze signals, metdata, keypress, and reputation of callers.

  • Establish keypress patterns for genuine callers
  • Gain reputation insights from the Pindrop Consortium
  • Detect robotic dialing and account takeover patterns


Build unique voice profiles of legitimate and fraudulent callers and passively identify those voices on subsequent calls.

  • Create a profile of a caller’s voice
  • Detect anomalies that indicate fraud
  • Detect repeat callers
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PIN Score

The PIN score is generated using a vast array of call intelligence derived from Pindrop’s methodology and analysis already applied to over 5 billion calls to date.


VeriCall Technologies

VeriCall Technology analyzes call metadata with machine learning to validate when a call is coming from the device that owns the number.

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