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Protect for the IVR

Improve fraud detection and prevent reconnaissance in the IVR


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The Voice Report

Explore how fraud impacted call centers during the Pandemic


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Securing Voice Everywhere

Knowing your customer is crucial for any business.  In today’s increasingly voice-centric world, verifying identity can be difficult without creating friction or inconvenience.  Companies want to provide a great experience, but they also know that security is a top priority. Our solutions work passively in the background, allowing a better experience for the customer and an improved security posture for the business.


Call Center

Fraud Prevention

Pindrop® Protect provides advanced contact center fraud detection using Voice Device and Behavior.


Passive, Multi-Factor

Caller Authentication

Pindrop® authentication solutions help contact centers authenticate legitimate callers quickly and accurately, reducing call handle times, enabling personalization, and improving customer experience.


IoT - Connected Devices

As connected device continue to become mainstream, Pindrop has extended its proven enterprise voice biometric technology to help companies to integrate security into voice-enabled connected devices to deliver natural conversations for the emerging conversational economy.


Amazon Connect

Pindrop for Amazon Connect is Pindrop’s voice authentication and fraud detection solutions that connects to the Amazon Connect Platform. 

Case Studies

See how Pindrop has implemented solutions for many of the world’s leading firms from decreasing call handle times to stopping millions of dollars in fraud losses. From banks to insurers to international retailers learn how Pindrop significantly improved business performance and customer experience.  


$1.6 million in fraudulent disbursement attempts stopped



“My experience with Pindrop has been phenomenal. More insurance companies need to get on the (Pindrop) platform as we all benefit from catching fraud.”
Large Insurance Company
“We have always been bullish on streamlined authentication for our customers. Pindrop allowed us to achieve the trinity of higher customer satisfaction, reduced agent time and further reduced fraud.”
Top Five Financial Service Firm
“Voice fraud used to cost us tens of millions of dollars. Before Pindrop we had a solution that was retrospective and inaccurate. At best it only caught 30% of fraud and produced many false positives. With Pindrop we achieved 226% ROI in the first 6 months itself.”
SVP Fraud
Major US Bank

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Using the latest machine-learning techniques plus our PHONEPRINTING® TECHNOLOGY & DEEP VOICE™ BIOMETRIC ENGINE, makes securing your contact center easier than ever.