Security, Identity, and Intelligence for Every Voice

Pindrop is propelling enterprises and consumers toward a voice driven future by unlocking the value of every voice interaction. Interacting with a financial institution, a digital assistant, a video chat, or a smart device can provide access to our unique identity, and open new capabilities not possible without proper security or intelligence evoked solely from a voice.

for Business

Voice can provide insights on identity, a faster and more welcoming authentication experience and industry leading fraud protection

for Devices

Unlocking new voice commerce applications with API driven voice personalization & authentication in half a second

for Communication

Filter out background noises of any audio or go deeper with forensic analysis against deepfakes.

Extract More Value from Every Voice Interaction

Pindrop uses cutting edge technology to provide security, identity, and intelligence to organizations looking to use voice automation to its fullest potential.

for Business Interactions

We help make better use of the voice interactions with your customers, automating some of the more route work, and allow the focus to be on problem-solving, not identity or security issues.

Pindrop can help improve the customer experience using voice with better security, improved customer authentication, and actionable intelligence on suspicious activity based on data from multiple channels.

Businesses looking to establish identity assurance and fraud protection through the contact center, from ANI validation to voice biometrics and beyond can rely on Pindrop as a leader in fraud protection and IVR security.

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Contact Center IVR Security, Fraud Detection, and Customer Authentication

for Devices

In a living room, household, car, or office where multiple people may be engaging with devices via voice, it is critical that devices easily recognize each voice and are able to apply the correct profile and permissions associated with that speaker.

It becomes even more critical as consumers move from simply searching for things via voice, to actually transacting and paying via voice. This ability to provide security and personalized user engagement is what will differentiate experiences in the marketplace.

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Voice Commerce, Parental Controls, Automotive, Smart TVs

for Communication

In a voice driven world, the need for quality and veracity is paramount in everything Pindrop does. Enhancing conversations by filtering background noise can help increase chances of authentication and make conference calls more productive with better understanding between participants.

Communication also needs to be genuine in order to be effective. In a world of disinformation and advanced technology, problems such as ‘deepfake’ reproductions of another’s voice or likeness can create problems with potentially dangerous and costly consequences. Pindrop’s intimate knowledge of voice allows us insights to legitimacy others may not see.

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Deepfake Detection, Noise Cancellation, Voice Isolation

Impacting the Voice connected world

See how Pindrop has impacted the voice connected to date from time saving authentication to AI Based fraud detection, Pindrop is unlocking voice’s true value.
1 B
Voice interactions analyzed
$ 1 B+
in Fraud Loss Prevention
up to 1 %
Customer Authentication Rate
. 1 seconds
Voice authentication

The Pindrop Story

This is why we fight.

Voice is at the core of how we communicate and interact.

Voice is one of the first things we learn as a child, and it stays with us until the very end.

The spoken word and storytelling have been core elements throughout history.

Technology companies have worked for decades to enable devices to interact with people using the power of voice.

Voice tells us so much about a person's intent and state of mind – how we speak is sometimes as or more important than what we say.

At Pindrop, we believe in a future made better by voice, however...

Headwinds towards a voice-driven future

Businesses who can’t identify a speaker using voice recognition technology are limiting their own potential.

Say “good-bye” to saying a passcode out loud to a smart-speaker. Beyond its use in conversation, voice can be used as an tool for commerce, personalization, curation, and identification applications.

Keeping voice accessible means it needs to be safe to use.

Security for voice applications can help enable easy parental controls, keep unwanted guests from joining your conference calls, or an unfamiliar voice from accessing your bank account.

A voice-driven future requires thoughtful security that doesn’t complicate or extend an interaction unnecessarily.

From using a call center IVR to extract information, attempting an age-restrictive purchase on a smart speaker, or creating headlines by crashing a zoom call, the opportunities to use voice for security and identity are many and powerful.

At Pindrop, we fight against these headwinds daily to enable voice to reach its full potential for everyone's benefit.

A future with easy and valuable voice interactions is becoming more possible every day with new advances in technology.

2021 Pindrop Voice Intelligence and Security Report

A shift in fraudster behavior in 2020 introduced a new battleground for attacks. Explore an in depth analysis of fraud, data theft, and the impact to contact centers during the COVID pandemic.

We orchestrate security, identity & intelligence in every voice seamlessly.