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Pindrop creates frictionless authentication and fraud detection for voice interactions in contact centers, connected IoT devices, and beyond.

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Securing Voice Everywhere

Knowing your customer is crucial for any business.  In today’s increasingly voice-centric world, verifying identity can be difficult without creating friction or inconvenience.  Companies want to provide a great experience, but they also know that security is a top priority. Our solutions work passively in the background, allowing a better experience for the customer and an improved security posture for the business.

Caller Authentication In Action

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Customer Contact

Customer calls into the contact center

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AI Authentication

Their number, voice, device, and behavior are analyzed & scored instantly using AI


Real Connection

Authenticated customers can then self-serve in the IVR or arrive at the agent ready to transact

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Fast Service

Average handle time is reduced as the customer has a seamless experience

Anti Fraud Detection

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Fraud Target

Fraudsters try to use the IVR to verify credentials, which triggers that account to be monitored

Fraud Attack

Bad actors caught calling other institutions are instantly flagged as high risk


Pindrop Helps Stop

Account takeover attempts can be stopped before they make a transaction

Risk Managed

Agents get real-time risk scores for every call, detecting up to 80% of ALL phone fraud

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IoT - Connected Devices

As connected device continue to become mainstream, Pindrop has extended its proven enterprise voice biometric technology to help companies to integrate security into voice-enabled connected devices to deliver natural conversations for the emerging conversational economy.


Amazon Connect

Pindrop for Amazon Connect is Pindrop’s voice authentication and fraud detection solutions that connects to the Amazon Connect Platform. 

Case Studies

See how Pindrop has implemented solutions for many of the world’s leading firms from decreasing call handle times to stopping millions of dollars in fraud losses. From banks to insurers to international retailers learn how Pindrop significantly improved business performance and customer experience.  


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