Pindrop® Protect

Detect fraud on live calls and identify which customer accounts are at risk

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True Detection

Improve the security posture of your contact center with cloud-based fraud detection

Intelligent fraud analytics

Pindrop helps contact centers detect fraud attempts throughout their organization by analyzing risk on live calls and customer accounts providing added protection against fraud attempts.

Omni-channel risk reduction

Pindrop leverages real-time risk analysis for all inbound calls and monitors the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and can help alert on at-risk customer accounts that show subtle signals of account takeover.

Protection across the enterprise from financial fraud

Pindrop can help defend contact centers against. threats both in real-time and analysis events over time to provide a true comprehensive fraud review for your organization.


Get real time call risk on every call with real-time alerts for agents on potential fraudulent callers.


Determine call risk and account risk in the IVR to prevent data theft, account mining, account takeover, and omni-channel fraud

CommunityAmerica Credit Union achieved equivalent fraud loss savings of $1 on EVERY call.

Learn how Pindrop improved member services and protected member data for CommunityAmerica Credit Union.

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Analyze over 1,300 features of a call’s full audio to:

  • Determine true device type, geo-location, and carrier
  • Detect anomalies that indicate fraud
  • Create a Phoneprint™ signature of a calling device for repeat detection


Build unique voice profiles of legitimate and fraudulent callers and passively identify those voices on subsequent calls.

  • Create a profile of a caller’s voice
  • Detect anomalies that indicate fraud
  • Detect repeat callers
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Break down the channel barriers to get a clearer picture of how fraud is penetrating your organization in its graph analytics based Pindrop® Trace technology.


Behavioral Analysis

Analyze signals, metdata, keypress, and reputation of callers.

  • Establish keypress patterns for genuine callers
  • Gain reputation insights from the Pindrop Consortium
  • Detect robotic dialing and account takeover patterns

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