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Passive Authentication for Voice Security

Optimize voice security with our advanced neural network-based biometric recognition engine, ensuring seamless passive authentication and efficient fraud detection.

Create secure and seamless customer
experiences via passive authentication

Customer authentication in the contact center today is a time consuming and clunky experience. Utilize Pindrop to help identify valid customers, improve customer experience, and keep customer accounts safe.

Efficient Customer Authentication

  • Eliminate the need for security questions and pin codes
  • Accelerate call resolution, reducing wait times
  • Lower average handle time by 30+ seconds
  • Improve CSAT scores

Optimize IVR and Agent Productivity

  • Customize the IVR experience to match individual preferences
  • Extend self-service functionalities to cover diverse needs
  • Enhance agent satisfaction and productivity for seamless operations

Identify and Mitigate Authentication Risks

  • Elevate security measures for high-risk Calls
  • Safeguard against fraudulent enrollments
  • Uncover spoofing and other deceptive strategies
  • Fortify brand and uphold reputation

Two top-20 banks
saw 20x ROI

Pindrop helped them reduce fraud, improve their customer experience, and reduce operational costs.

Integrations & Partners

When it comes to deploying your cloud-based contact center, there is rarely a “one-size-fits-all” easy button. Pindrop has a robust network of carriers, platforms, contact centers, and system integrators to give you the flexibility you need.

Ensure Customer Trust with Passive Authentication Solutions

Pindrop’s voice technology is innovating customer experiences by combining the ease and security of voice authentication to make accessing your digital world more human. Pindrop uses passive technology to reduce average handle time, increase IVR containment, and improve the customer experience in your contact center.

VeriCall® Technology

Leverage this simplified authentication solution that uses machine learning to instantly validate phone calls in the IVR while also detecting risks like call spoofing.

Pindrop® Passport

Deploy this multifactor platform that incorporates network-level data, user device and behavior analysis, and risk intelligence to fully authenticate callers in the IVR and at the agent level.


Voiceless Authentication

Securely authenticate callers–without their voice–by combining call metadata, device and behavior analysis, and risk intelligence.

Number Validation

Simplify authentication with machine learning that instantly validates the source of a phone number and reliably detects call spoofing.

Truly Passive MFA

Replace security questions and passcodes with multi-factor authentication that secures valid customer interactions in your contact center, with no effort from them.

Speaker Recognition

Add a layer of security to any voice interaction by identifying unique voice profiles—without ever enrolling an unknown caller

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