Fraud Detection For Call Center Agents

Pindrop® Protect provides instant risk assessments for inbound calls to the agent analyzing voice device and behavior.

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Reduce 80% Of Fraud Calls To Your Agents

  • Real-time alerting provides instant risk scoring for every call and associated account as the call connects, allowing agents to know when to take action.
  • Identify over 80% of real-time fraud attacks reducing fraud losses and exposure.
  • Full multi-factor analysis of the caller’s voice, device, and behavior to catch fraud before it gets to the agent.
  • Empowers the agent to focus on service, not security.
  • The case manager delivers actionable insights and tools to work fraud cases.

Features of Pindrop® Protect for Agents

Call-Risk Score

  • Detects high-risk calls based on Pindrop’s proprietary risks engines, Phoneprinting technology, Metadata analysis, Reputation from the PIN, ANI Validation, Pindrop® Trace and more!
  • Use risk scores to action high risk calls at any point in the interaction.

Fraud Profiles

  • Active repository of specific highly detailed Fraudster profiles

  • Provides protection from repeat and systemic attacks

Fraud Case Manager

  • Define and manage policies and customize risk thresholds

  • Enhances case processing efficiency up to 50% with ongoing monitoring and accuracy feedback

CommunityAmerica Credit Union achieved equivalent fraud loss savings of $1 on EVERY call.

Learn how Pindrop improved member services and protected member data for CommunityAmerica Credit Union.

Our Customers


DeepVoice™ Engine

Pindrop’s proprietary deep neural network speaker recognition system to provide voice authentication, data, and analysis.

Phoneprinting® Technology

Full Audio analysis including DTMF looking for 1382 device & audio district attributes used for anomaly detection

Behavior Analysis

Using DTMF Pattern monitors, manners and habits around keypresses, calling reputation, account activity assessment

Pindrop Intellgience Network

A comprehensive database, or consortium, of fraud profiles built from cumulative network data acquired across Pindrop customers and enhanced with Machine Learning on over 1.2B calls

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