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Enhance Call Center Security with Deep Voice™

Leading in Voice Recognition Biometrics. Detect fraudsters faster than ever and ensure optimal security with neural network-based biometric recognition engine.

How Deep Voice™ works?

Experience pristine audio with Deep Voice™. Our AI and machine learning technology eliminates background noise, prioritizing the user’s voice. It also identifies threats like voice morphing, recorded sounds, and synthesized voices.

Eliminate Background Noise Distractions

Don’t let fraudsters hide in the chaos of background noise. Pindrop Voiceprinting™ minimizes background noise sensitivity, guaranteeing precise voice analysis that exposes fraudsters and their deceptive tactics.

Efficient and precise voice analysis

Quickly capture unique acoustic and behavioral traits from short speech segments, during IVR interactions or agent conversations, creating individualized voiceprints for all users.

Voice Security

Pindrop’s security doesn’t plateau after the initial call. With each subsequent analysis, the voice credential fortifies, adapting to voice changes over time and ensuring consistent protection.

Featured Content

Pindrop Voice Intelligence & Security Report Finds Fraudsters Passed Knowledge Based Authentication Questions 92 Percent of the Time.

Learn the innovative ways bad actors take advantage of certain authentication methods to commit fraud to better protect customer accounts.

*2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report, Pindrop

Deep Voice™ : Revolutionizing Call Center Security

  • Harness the power of Pindrop Voice Printing™ technology to delve deep into the unique characteristics of each caller’s voice. The Deep Voice™ Engine empowers call centers with voice recognition biometrics, ensuring callers are genuine and not mimicking known fraudster profiles.


    • Whitelist: Match a caller’s voice to an established voiceprint, confirming their identity.
    • Blacklist: Scan a caller’s voice against Pindrop’s extensive blacklist, pinpointing recurring fraudsters.
    • Anomaly Detection: Detect voice alterations, playback tricks, and artificial voice simulations to ensure genuine interactions.
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