Deep Voice™ Engine

Our proprietary end-to-end deep neural network-based speaker recognition system.


What is Deep Voice™ Engine?

Our AI and machine learning algorithms remove background noise and enhance audio so we focus solely on the user’s voice — helping to identify attacks ranging from voice morphing and recorded voices, to synthesized and simulated voices.

Avoid background noise interference

Fraudsters attempting to mask their identity will often try to hide behind distracting or loud background noise. Pindrop Voiceprinting™ technology is designed to minimize sensitivity to background noise, reducing distractions and taking the advantage away from fraudsters.

Deep analysis from short utterances

Every caller’s voice presents unique acoustic and behavioral features over the wire. Pindrop analyzes these unique signals, extracted from short utterances of a caller’s speech — whether they are interacting with the IVR or with an agent — to develop a unique voiceprint for each caller.


Pindrop doesn’t stop at the first enrolled call. As more calls are analyzed per caller, the credential grows stronger. This maturation process also protects against degradation of the voice over time.

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*2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report, Pindrop

Deep Voice™ Engine for call centers

  • Call centers use Pindrop Voiceprinting™ technology to analyze the characteristics of their customers’ voices. With the Deep Voice™ Engine, they can verify that callers are who they claim to be, or if a caller’s voice matches that of a known fraudster profile. 

    • Whitelist: Compare a caller’s voice against an enrolled voiceprint tied to an identity claim.
    • Blacklist: Crossmatch a caller’s voice against Pindrop’s voice blacklist to detect repeat fraudsters
    • Anomaly Detection: Examine speech for voice morphing, recording and playback attacks, and simulated voices.
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Pindrop Deepfake Detection

Deepfake detection tech must evolve quickly. Organizations using voice verification should review their security strategy and adopt a defense-in-depth approach. Pindrop has been developing deepfake detection since 2014, focusing on voice security.


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Authentically You

From the moment we're born, we use our voices to identify ourselves, to prove who we are, and to make connections. See how Pindrop is enabling voice for authentication and fraud prevention.

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