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For Devices

Security, Identity and Intelligence for Connected Devices

Connected devices and voice driven applications are a part of our collective future. Pindrop provides crucial security, identity, and intelligence to enabling personalization and voice interfaces.

What Pindrop

Pindrop can help enterprises and developers unlock more value in voice driven applications. Pindrop’s Voice API integrates into platforms, services, and apps for user management, active enrollment, and voice analysis.


  • Parental/ Household Controls
  • Voice Access Controls
  • Typed-Password Replacement


  • Authentication for Voice Commerce
  • Speaker Recognition
  • Background Speaker Identification


  • Proximity
  • Speaker Attributes
  • Personalization Preferences

What Can Pindrop Help Achieve?

Unlock additional revenue stream through voice enhancement

Seamless voice shopping experiences

Personalized User Experiences

Easier In-app purchasing

Enhanced User Profile Enrichment and Enrollments

Better Contextual based recommendation

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Voice-enabled Devices by 2024

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Have Used a Voice Assistant


More Likely To Shop If Experience Is Personalized

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Have Trust, Privacy & Passive Listening Concerns

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TV & Entertainment




Smart Homes

Personalization Made Easy with Voice

Pindrop’s technology provides the accuracy and reliability for OTT streaming devices, platforms and services, enabling users to have their own personalized experiences. Through normal interactions via voice, over time the device distinguishes between household members and changes its behavior accordingly – no overt action on the part of the end user is required. For example, a user can say, “What should I watch?” and the partner service can tailor an experience with personalized content they are most likely to want to watch. If another member of the household says the exact same thing, they’ll get completely different results – no profile switching required. While Pindrop’s solution is able to distinguish between different speakers, the technology doesn’t know nor need to know the identity of who is speaking.

Key Features


Passive Enrollment & Clustering

With Pindrop’s patent-pending passive enrollment and clustering technology, your service or device can utilize voice profiles generated by Pindrop’s technology for you to deliver amazing tailored experiences for your customers. No need for users to engage with time-consuming voice profile creation processes or teaching a service or device their voice. Pindrop Passive Enrollment & Clustering technology can help you easily create or enrich existing on-screen profiles or simply rely on Pindrop’s solution if on-screen profiles don’t exist in your service or on your device platform.


Short-Speech Recognition

Users interacting with their TV typically use very short commands to direct what they want. Pindrop technology recognizes a speaker with less than 1 second of speech. So typical “short” commands like “What’s on tonight?”, can be used to recognize who is or who is not speaking so you can provide personalized recommendations.


Seamless Profile & Pin Authorizations

Users no longer need to worry about logging in to their profile or inputting a PIN code to get the appropriate permissions applied. Pindrop’s technology uses voice authentication to know who is or is not speaking so the device or service can apply the appropriate permissions, granting or denying access to appropriate content based on things like a Parental Advisory rating (e.g., PG, R, Explicit Lyrics) or other profile settings.


Speaker Diarization

Enable smart personalization even when multiple people are speaking. Pindrop technology has the ability to recognize speakers in a living room setting, whether it’s on a far-field microphone array in the TV, set top box, or game console. This Pindrop technology can help your platform or service unlock use cases for finding what to watch on family movie nights or to simplify multiplayer gaming with voice control.

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