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Works like magic, backed by science.

It takes a lot of complex technology to design an experience as beautifully simple as Pindrop’s solution. Beneath the surface of our solutions, there is a rich undercurrent of intellectual property and core technologies which can be mixed and matched to unlock dynamic new use cases. So, let’s dive in.

Our intellectual property, by the numbers

Every call & voice is unique. We know because we’ve analyzed billions of calls, from the world’s largest banks to the smallest retailers.

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Years of patented technology

Our team of PhDs actively research and file patents for proprietary technology.

Award-winning Patent

Pindrop’s initial patent recently won the Test of Time award.

0 Billion

Calls analyzed and counting

Our massive database is continually growing and getting smarter with every call processed by Pindrop® Passport, Pindrop® Protect, and VeriCall® Technology.

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PhDs on staff

Our technology is consistently being researched, iterated, and improved upon 
using the latest innovations.

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Acoustic features analyzed

Key patented Phoneprinting® technology looks at more than 1,380 different acoustic features to create a distinct telephony profile, while also revealing true geo-location, device type, and more.

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Research articles cited over 1,500 times

We’re driving the state of the industry in voice technology research. Pindrop’s knowledgeable team has published over 80 scholarly research articles that have been cited over 1,500 times to date.

Pindrop Technologies

Built on award-winning patents and designed by the industry’s top minds, our technologies work in harmony to identify voices faster, safer, and with more confidence.

Phoneprinting® Technology

Pindrop’s award-winning device Phoneprinting® engine that analyzes over 1,300 acoustic features of a call.

Acoustic features allow our products to detect subtle anomalies that help to recognize customers, identify fraud and determine its device type, geo-location and carrier.

Behavioral Analysis​

By analyzing caller behavior like call history and key presses, our technology can help identify robotic dialing or account takeover patterns.

Every caller exhibits certain behavior patterns when engaging with a contact center. By classifying the cadence of each keypress and logging historical calling patterns Pindrop’s solution establishes behavioral identifiers for every caller during authentication.

Trace™ Technology

Our patent-pending Trace™ analytics engine can predict cross-channel fraud up to 60 days or more before it takes place.

Siloed data leaves unfound clues that could have been used to stop fraud before it happens. Connect all of your data with Pindrop® Trace, which also powers Pindrop Protect’s account risk scoring.

Deep Voice™ Engine

Our proprietary end-to-end deep neural network-based speaker recognition system.

Our AI and machine learning algorithms remove background noise and enhance audio so we focus solely on the user’s voice — helping to identify attacks ranging from voice morphing and recorded voices, to synthesized and simulated voices.

VeriCall® Technology

The technology analyzes call metadata with machine learning to provide best in class number validation and spoof detection.

The technology completes analysis in milliseconds and delivers scoring to the IVR to enable routing and authentication decisions. The VeriCall® Technology API also delivers an additional score to help you assess fraud risks posed by the calling number.

Pindrop Intelligence Network

With data from call history, telcos, proprietary research, and intelligence derived from over 5 Billion calls to date, we provide deep phone number intelligence with our solutions.

The Pindrop Intelligence Network (PIN) is at the heart of Pindrop’s anti-fraud and authentication solutions. Sophisticated machine learning feedback loops and consortium models combine to deliver the PIN Score to all of Pindrop’s product offerings to help you green light customers and identify bad actors.

Core Capabilities

It’s not just about the technology itself, but how it’s wielded. We bolster everything we build to not only continue to make identification easier and more accurate, but to fiercely protect the privacy of the person speaking.

Risk Based Authentication

Methodology that is designed to prevent enrollment of fraudsters, leverages risk analysis for authentication of genuine callers, meaning risky callers aren’t enrolled for authentication.


Call Risk Analysis

Machine learning derived risk intelligence for every call. Using the risk analysis to guide enrollment, fraud controls, and authentication protocols.

Passport Protect VeriCall® Technology


The ability to recognize different speaker profiles allows for developers to build customization and personalization features into contact centers, devices, and applications.

IoT & Connected Devices Mobile App Voice ID & Security Passport

Account Risk Analysis

Helping predict what accounts are being actively targeted by criminal rings as early as 60 days before an account takeover attempt.

Passport Protect

Device Printing

Recognizing devices that have been encountered before, whether an enrolled user or a potential bad actor that can be quickly spotted.

Passport Protect

Demographics Detection

Utilizes Deep Voice® Engine technology to estimate age range, biological gender, and language.

IoT & Connected Devices Mobile App Voice ID & Security Passport

Advanced Model Compression

We take our advanced audio analysis engine and compress the model to fit on embedded chips without compromising accuracy.

IoT & Connected Devices Mobile App Voice ID & Security Passport

Fraud Intelligence (PIN Score)

Measures risk using machine learning combined with insights from suspicious calling patterns and confirmed fraud calls.

Passport Protect VeriCall® Technology

Spoof Detection

Call metadata analysis with machine learning to help identify when a number is spoofed.

Passport Protect VeriCall® Technology

ANI Validation

Call metadata analysis with machine learning used to validate when a call is coming from the device that is associated with the number.

Passport Protect VeriCall® Technology

Dynamic Use Cases

When all of this comes together — unique ideas, rigorous testing, powerful technology, and thoughtful implementation — amazing things happen. From first patent to lasting impact, Pindrop improves every industry its solutions touch. And we’re just getting started.


Fraud prevention techniques and fraud detection best practices combined with cutting-edge technology, data, and support.

Customer Authentication

Customer authentication in the contact center today is a time consuming and clunky experience. Utilize Pindrop’s technology to help identify valid customers, improve customer experience, and keep customer accounts safe.


Voice can now change music and control the navigation system, but by adding Pindrop technology, securely ordering and paying for coffee from the driver’s seat can be the norm.

App Security

Whether your app is enabling critical financial activities, healthcare, or home automation, voice authentication can add a layer of security to help keep your users safe.

TV & Media

Pindrop voice solutions for Media Streaming, Smart TV, and Gaming gives services, platforms, and devices the speaker authentication capabilities they need to develop smart, differentiated experiences consumers are seeking to stay loyal and engaged.

Smart Homes

Voice control is the easiest and most intuitive way to communicate with your smart home, but voice interactions are currently limited without the power to recognize who’s issuing those voice commands. Utilize Pindrop technology to secure and personalize smart devices, smart home user profiles, and more.

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