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Insurance - Fraud Detection Solutions

Elevate security across the insurance sector with advanced fraud detection solutions, ensuring a more resilient and efficient industry.

Protecting The Insurance Industry

Outdated authentication methods can incur heavy costs for insurance companies. Not only do false claims and policy takeovers expose your brand to increased reputational risks, they amount to over $300 billion in losses each year.

Safeguard Brand & Reputation Risk

Improve brand and reputation protection by utilizing Pindrop’s fraud detection solutions to proactively reduce fraud risks, respond swiftly to potential threats, and maintain the trust that policyholders have in your insurance company.

Reduce Fraudulent Claims & Scams

Address the challenge of fraudulent claims and scams through Pindrop’s advanced tools, which offer protection against policy manipulation, account takeovers, and identity scams, ultimately safeguarding both policyholder accounts and the integrity of your operations.

Provide Outstanding Policyholder Experience

Some policyholders may only reach out in a moment of crisis to process a claim, where just a single, high-stakes phone call has the potential to make-or-break the relationship. Pindrop helps remove friction and save time on every call, allowing agents to shine bright when the pressure is on.

Lower Operational Costs

From reducing bottomline fraud costs to cutting wait times for authentication, Pindrop provides more efficient ways to serve policyholders. Pindrop solutions are designed to encourage self-service when possible, and verify policyholders quickly and safely so agents can focus on serving the needs of the caller.

Protect Policyholders with Pindrop Solutions

Fraud costs businesses and consumers $308.6 billion a year[1], costing the average family an estimated $400 to $700 per year in premiums[2].

How Pindrop® Solutions Help Protect Insurance

Pindrop® solutions can help insurers reduce reputational risk, identify false claims, improve policyholder experience, and improve operational efficiency in the contact center.



Reduce fraud attacks that cost time, resources, and confidence in the brand. Pindrop’s advanced fraud detection capabilities assess the audio characteristics of calls to provide insights that help your agents guard against:
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Policy cashout and refund scams
  • Fraudulent Special Investigative Unit (SIU) interviewing


Give customers faster, better service when verification questions are no longer needed. Pindrop solutions help you passively authenticate your customers with unique multi-factor credentials based on device, voice, and behavior. Advanced authentication helps insurers:

  • Reduce call resolution time for policyholders
  • Improve consumer self-service capabilities in the IVR
  • Improve policyholder experience

The Struggle To Identify Callers & Build Trust

While many insurance companies have strengthened their online and physical security, insurance call centers remain a weak link. Because customers don’t call frequently, fraudsters can access accounts for months or years without customers knowing.

Whether these sophisticated criminals liquidate or take over an account, file false claims, or complete fraudulent policy surrenders, they’re putting customers’ legacies and financial futures at risk. They also threaten to permanently damage the trust that is essential to maintaining a potentially lifelong relationship with policyholders.



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