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The Power of Behavioral Analysis at Your Fingertips with Pindrop

By analyzing caller behavior like call history and key presses, our technology can help identify robotic dialing or account takeover patterns.


Understanding Behavioral Analysis

Delve into the intricacies of caller interactions. Pindrop’s advanced technology captures and analyzes the unique rhythm of each keypress and call history. This meticulous process creates distinct behavioral identifiers, ensuring precise caller authentication every time.

Fraud Tactics

Stay ahead of fraudsters. They often deploy automated bots within IVRs, testing vast amounts of stolen credentials and credit card details. Pindrop stands as a formidable barrier against such threats, countering account mining, brute force attacks, and robotic dialing.

Reputation Insights

Dive deeper into your callers with Pindrop’s Global Consortium. Understand caller frequency, identify potential red flags from other Consortium members, and detect calls from deactivated accounts. Stay informed and proactive.

Profile Behavior for Authenticity

Each caller has a unique interaction style. Pindrop’s technology discerns these subtle differences, classifying the rhythm of keypresses to establish reliable patterns. This ensures genuine caller identification and enhances security.

Featured Content

Pindrop Voice Intelligence & Security Report Finds Fraudsters Passed Knowledge Based Authentication Questions 92 Percent of the Time.

Learn the innovative ways bad actors take advantage of certain authentication methods to commit fraud to better protect customer accounts.

*2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report, Pindrop

Upgrade Your Call Center with Behavioral Analysis

Reveal the combined strength of behavioral heuristics and the Pindrop consortium. Stay one step ahead with real-time alerts on robotic dialing, account takeovers, and deep insights into a caller’s historical behavior.

  • Credential: Actively match real-time keypress timings with established Toneprint™ profiles, ensuring every caller is who they claim to be.
  • Risk Score: Vigilantly monitor and assess keypress interactions, instantly flagging potential robotic dialing and account breaches within the IVR.
  • Coverage: Stay ahead by utilizing a caller’s reputation and historical patterns, swiftly identifying and alerting against potential first-time fraudsters.

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