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Fortify Your Business Against Deepfakes

AI fraud is on the rise, making cutting-edge fraud detection software your key to stopping deepfake attacks. Pindrop is dedicated to continuously innovating solutions to detect and mitigate the risks posed by synthetic audio—fortifying trust and integrity between you and your customers.

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Deceptive technology is a growing threat

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Deepfake Detection
Success Rate with Pindrop

Deepfake Detection
Success Rate with Pindrop

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) streamlines operations, but it also enables malicious actors to create convincing audio Deepfakes, posing risks for businesses. These realistic fake voices can bypass contact center defenses and impersonate customers undetected.

To counter this threat, you need to invest in robust security measures like multi-factor authentication, advanced identity verification, and real-time liveness detection. Our solutions at Pindrop offer protection against deepfake related risks, safeguarding your contact center.

What you should know about deepfakes


Pindrop Reveals TTS Engine Behind Biden AI Robocall

Explore Pindrop’s in-depth analysis of the 2024 Joe Biden deepfake robocall incident. Discover our advanced deepfake detection techniques and learn how our solutions can help protect trust in public information & media


Deepfake Attacks in 2024: What You Need to Know

Deepfakes have already disrupted the consumption of mass media as we know it. Scammers are creating deepfakes of popular celebrities and famous figures in a bid to defraud innocent individuals on multiple platforms.


Preventing Biometric Spoofing with Deepfake Detection

Biometric spoofing is a common tactic used by scammers to manipulate biometric traits in order to impersonate innocent targets. Here’s how deepfake detection can help prevent against it.


2023 Deepfake and Voice Clone Consumer Report - 4 Key Findings

Is your company prepared to meet the challenges around deepfakes? Pindrop and collaborated on an in-depth report exploring consumer sentiment around deepfakes and voice clones. Here are four surprising findings.


How Does Audio Deepfake Detection Work?

Audio deepfake detection helps organizations save time and reduce spoofing and fraudulent threats. Here’s everything you need to know.


Does Watermarking Protect Against Deepfake Attacks?

Recent leaps in the field of generative AI, in combination with a plethora of available data, has resulted in numerous tools that are able to generate highly convincing audio and video deepfakes. This includes both fully synthetic identities but also synthetic voices and voice cloning.


Evaluating Your Defense Strategy Against Deepfakes: Top 4 Factors to Prioritize

Essential guidance from a comprehensive survey of 100+ executives, that illuminates crucial methods and reasons behind constructing a robust defense against the deepfake threat.


Unmatched Performance: Pindrop’s Liveness Detection and the Waterloo Study

The Waterloo study highlights the threat of new attacks that remove differences between genuine and machine speech and demonstrates the need for constant innovation to stay ahead of malicious actors. 


What Executives Need To Know And Do About Deepfakes

Deepfakes, driven by advanced AI tools, are capturing attention in the news. Companies and executives are realizing the importance of grasping their impact on business and taking necessary measures to safeguard operations and customers.

Case Study

Exposing the Truth About Zero-Day Deepfake Attacks: Meta’s Voicebox Case Study

AI-generated synthetic content threatens the reliability of voice biometrics. Pindrop’s test of Meta’s Voicebox and undisclosed synthetic audio debunked voice biometrics myths.


Emerging AI Bots in your Contact Center

The connection of conversational AI, deepfakes or synthetic voice technology, and the processing power for real-time interactions is finally here.


Pindrop Deepfake Detection

As AI technology continues to advance, the rise of deepfakes poses a serious threat. These manipulated images, videos, and audios use artificial intelligence to create convincing but false representations of people and events.

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