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Security, Identity, and Intelligence for Communication Platforms

Spaces designed for us to interact with voice need basic utility in order to be meaningful. If we aren’t able to rely on security, or know exactly who we are interacting with, the interaction is far less meaningful and even potentially harmful.


Access our DeepVoice Engine via easy-to-embed cloud APIs to create better interactions. You can enrich interactions by eliminating background noise, ensuring authenticated access, personalizing based on speaker, and more. Additionally, providing trust in those interactions is even more essential in our increasingly digital world, helping companies stay focused, organized and productive.




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What is a deepfake?

Join Pindrop’s Director of Research Elie Khoury and Sarosh Shahbuddin, Director of Product & Engineering discuss the origins of “deepfakes’ what technology powers them, and what it takes to spot a deepfake.
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