Our patented, Phoneprinting™ 2.0 technology analyzes over 1300 call audio features to help detect fraud and create high definition caller profiles.

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Pindrop Phoneprinting Technology

How Call Centers Use Phoneprinting Technology

Phoneprinting technology is highly resilient, helping detect fraud techniques.

Call Center Spoof Detection Phoneprinting

Detect Spoofing

Compare caller ID information to true device and location to help flag spoofing attempts.

Deter Social Engineering

Deter Social Engineering

Add a layer of security that relies on the audio information the caller can’t control.

Build Device Prints Call Center Phoneprinting

Build Device Prints

Create unique prints of calling devices that can be used to identify repeat callers.

Why is the Technology Different?

Pindrop’s patented Phoneprinting 2.0 technology uses the full audio of a call to determine its true characteristics. It goes beyond legacy security solutions to provide universal coverage regardless of device type and number of call attempts.


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