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Harness the Power of Voice Printing with Phoneprinting™

Pindrop’s award-winning device Phoneprinting® engine that analyzes over 1,300 acoustic features of a call.


How Phoneprinting™ Works

Detect subtle anomalies with acoustic features, enhancing customer recognition, fraud identification, and pinpointing device type, geo-location, and carrier.

Deep Insights with 1,300+ Voice Printing Features

Phoneprinting technology analyzes more than 1,300 audio features to create a distinct telephony profile, while also revealing true geo-location, device type, and more.

Carrier Clarity

Phoneprinting technology helps call centers identify the genuine carrier of a call, ensuring robust risk assessment.


Toneprinting™ empowers call centers to authenticate customers by pinpointing their device and matching phone numbers.

for Authentic
Call Origins

Phoneprinting technology traces the true origin of a call, safeguarding against potential number spoofing.

Detect & Differentiate Repeat Callers

Build distinctive voice profiles to identify and differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent callers in subsequent interactions.

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Pindrop Voice Intelligence & Security Report Finds Fraudsters Passed Knowledge Based Authentication Questions 92 Percent of the Time.

Learn the innovative ways bad actors take advantage of certain authentication methods to commit fraud to better protect customer accounts.

*2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report, Pindrop

Phoneprinting® : Elevating Call Center Security Standards

Embrace the unmatched capabilities of Phoneprinting® technology, diving into the intricate details of each call to ensure authenticity. This robust system fortifies call centers by detecting the techniques fraudsters employ, while simultaneously verifying genuine customers. Experience the future of call security with Phoneprinting.

  • Detect Spoofing: Analyze caller ID data against the actual device and location, highlighting discrepancies that suggest spoofing.
  • Detect Social Engineering: Introduce an advanced security layer that capitalizes on audio cues the caller can’t manipulate.
  • Phoneprint Signatures: Generate distinctive prints for calling devices, enabling the recognition of recurring callers.

The Pindrop difference

  • Pindrop’s patented Phoneprinting technology uses the full audio of a call to determine its true characteristics. Call centers use this technology to detect anomalous behavior for first time callers and identify repeat fraudsters. It goes beyond ANI/CLI validation and provides universal coverage regardless of device type and call attempts.

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