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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Google Cloud to become multi-instance, multi-faceted, and, well… multi-cloud. By bringing our SaaS platform to Google Cloud, we are enabling our customers to deploy advanced voice authentication solutions at a global scale, on secure, sustainable, and in a highly performant cloud infrastructure on the platform of their choice. This allows us to better serve more industries, especially retail, media and entertainment, and other companies with a Google-based infrastructure.  

We’re also pretty pumped because our Google partnership enables our technology teams to accelerate their development of new capabilities to address an ever-shifting landscape. Utilizing technologies like Google Kubernetes Engine, we can more efficiently add to our suite of technologies—quickly launching and scaling new ML applications, analytics, and more. These capabilities, alongside our core voice authentication and anti-fraud solutions, enable us to create the next evolution of more secure, frictionless experiences. 

With fraudsters being able to answer knowledge-based authentication questions 92% of the time, compared to only 46% for valid customers – clearly, cybersecurity is more critical than ever. As part of our partnership, we are proud to offer our solutions within Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI, helping to deliver advanced voice authentication and anti-fraud solutions for Google Cloud customers. These solutions will be made available globally, creating better experiences for callers, enhanced security in the contact center, and increased flexibility with modern infrastructure. 

Pindrop® Solutions can help contact centers authenticate more callers at a faster rate, with some Pindrop customers seeing authentication rates at 95% or higher, and a reduction in average handle time by 30-90 seconds on average. The resulting impacts can include improved time to resolution, reduced operational costs, higher CSAT scores, and increased agent happiness—making our passive authentication technology a well-returned investment.

A core value of this partnership is broadening Pindrop’s scalability and resilience, by offering customers with mission-critical services like help detecting deep fakes and robocalls, helping banks authenticate transactions, providing retailers with AI-powered contact center support, and helping IoT makers optimize for security, speed and simplicity. For customers already operating on Google Cloud, getting started with Pindrop’s solutions is easy. Now that our products are available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Google customers can choose to leverage our technology directly within their cloud environment.

But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to our core contact center solutions, we will soon be making our advanced Deep Voice® Engine available via cloud APIs and embedded SDKs. The easy-to-integrate speaker authentication API is a powerful tool for developers to support secure voice authentication and personalization for mobile apps, connected devices, and even smart cars—improving the security behind voice assistants, sensitive transactions, and two-factor authentication methods.

Contact us to learn more about Pindrop and Google Cloud’s partnership.  

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