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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

The voice authentication industry has made huge advances in performance with the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. On top of that, privacy advocates express concerns over the use of facial-recognition technology and in certain cases complaints emerged from users who had to spend hours waiting to have their identities verified upon failing to pass a facial recognition step. However, when combining voice authentication with face authentication in the same instance or as a backup to each other, the results are very successful.

The reasons for such success can be attributed to the following:


User preferences can fluctuate depending on the situation. A customer may prefer logging in with voice when at home, but if they are in a meeting, facial login may be preferred. A solution that includes both face and voice biometrics ensures users have options. On a silent city street in late evening, voice biometrics may perform better whereas face biometrics may perform better at a loud sports event. Another advantage of a combined approach is the ability to offer authentication options that work across a range of potential channels including web, mobile, contact center, chat and even standalone devices. As enterprises make customer experience top priority, offering frictionless authentication is a key strategic initiative.


Biometric security depends on preventing spoofing. Biometric accuracy is meaningless when a photograph or recording of a person passes the authentication. When adding a second biometric modality, you also add another layer of detecting spoofs. Deploying face biometrics with voice biometrics for “step-up” verification can lead to a more robust, dynamic risk-based authentication process, while Pindrop’s voice authentication alone can help detect and avoid authenticating synthesized audio.

Touchless Authentication

Voice analysis offers a hands-free authentication option that works even with masks. Voice authentication technology can be deployed within mobile applications, kiosks, and ATMs where removing a mask could be a risk. And there are many more examples where touchless authentication using voice would be a preferable option. Consider a mother wrangling her toddler. Holding still to authenticate with her face, even with her phone, may not be an option—it’s all hands on deck.

Pindrop’s Voice Authentication Solution

The Deep Voice™ Engine is Pindrop’s proprietary deep neural network speaker recognition system. Akin to the deep neural networks that power autonomous cars, Deep Voice™ Engine runs throughout the lifecycle of a call, from IVR to agent, analyzing and authenticating repeat callers.

Whether users are calling into an IVR, speaking to an agent, or authenticating on the web or via mobile, it can offer more accurate authentication in less time, using the same technology that powers autonomous vehicles and your favorite search engine. We built this proprietary engine from the ground up with an emphasis on security. Advanced speaker recognition removes background noises from a call, so the focus is solely on the caller’s voice—allowing our solution to identify attacks ranging from voice morphing and recorded voices, to synthesized and simulated voices.

Going Beyond the Contact Center

Pindrop’s solutions for apps and smart devices can provide the reliability and accuracy needed to provide innovative user experiences, increasing consumer engagement and retention. Designed with privacy in mind, API endpoints perform user voice enrollment by consuming an audio sample and creating a voice profile against a user identifier, without ever storing audio or personally identifiable information (PII). This makes voice authentication ideal for secure platforms that benefit from the element of privacy. When the user needs to authenticate, whether it’s for a secure transaction or a locked account, they simply need to verify their voice through a live audio sample that is compared to their original enrollment. With our technology, that audio sample can be confirmed with impressive accuracy and even be identified as fake or recorded.

Power your authentication with Pindrop’s award-winning voice technology to deliver differentiated experiences that consumers need. 

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