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On the Wire Podcast: Jessy Irwin

Jessy Irwin makes her triumphant return to the podcast to help us work through our feelings about the Yahoo data breach, the NIST guidance on SMS two-factor authentication, and why we’re still giving terrible security advice to users. Dennis Fisher and Jessy also talk about what kind of breaches could be lurking on the horizon […]

On the Wire Podcast: Nick Sullivan

There is an effort underway by some of the larger Internet infrastructure companies to encrypt as much of the network as possible. Google has been working on this for several years, making HTTPS connections the default for many of its services, and CloudFlare has done a lot of work on this as well. This week […]

On the Wire Podcast: Bruce Schneier

It’s been a few months since we talked with Bruce Schneier, the cryptographer, author, and speaker, and there was plenty to cover. In this episode, Dennis Fisher talks with Bruce about the Shadow Brokers NSA tool dump, the crypto debate, and the Sweet32 attack that was revealed last week. Music by Chris Gonsalves and Ken […]

On the Wire Podcast: Jon Oberheide and Mikhail Davidov

It’s not often that we get to talk to someone who has launched something into space, but this week we had the chance to speak to Mikhail Davidov and Jon Oberheide of Duo Security about the company’s Duo in Space project. Using a large latex balloon, the company launched a small-ish device into near space […]

On the Wire Podcast: Black Hat Roundtable

In the midst of the Black Hat mayhem last week, Dennis Fisher took some time to sit down for a group podcast with some fellow journalists and other guests, including Patrick Gray of the Risky Business podcast, Jessy Irwin, Mike Mimoso of Threatpost, Fahmida Rashid of InfoWorld, Chris Brook of Threatpost, and Brian Donohue of […]

On the Wire Podcast: Black Hat Preview

The Black Hat conference has become an overwhelming mass of talks, press conferences, and more talks. In this episode of the podcast, Dennis Fisher calls up Mike Mimoso of Threatpost to go over the talks they’re interested in seeing, the Apple iOS 10 security session, and how the conference has evolved over the years.

On the Wire Podcast: Robert Hansen

Security people spend a lot of time setting up defenses and thinking about how to secure their organization’s assets, so they don’t always have the time to think about how their adversaries might come at them and how those adversaries are thinking. Robert Hansen, a longtime security researcher, has spent a lot of time considering […]

On the Wire Podcast: Rick Holland on Ransomware

Let’s be honest: The ransomware crews are kind of winning right now. They have a simple, clean business model, a huge victim base, and not much on the horizon to slow them down. In this episode, Dennis Fisher talks with Rick Holland of Digital Shadows about a new research paper the firm did on ransomware […]

On the Wire Podcast: Wade Williamson

Threat intelligence and ransomware have become inescapable topics in the security community of late, and there’s at least as much noise as signal in most of the discussions about them. To cut through some of this nonsense, Dennis Fisher called Wade Williamson of Vectra Networks to discuss the ways in which enterprises are detecting and […]