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On the Wire Podcast: Gary McGraw

There probably isn’t anyone more closely associated with the field of software security than Gary McGraw. He’s been thinking, writing, speaking, and studying the practice for more than two decades and has helped some of the world’s largest organizations develop and improve software security programs. In this episode, Dennis Fisher talks with Gary about his […]

On the Wire Podcast: Roger Anderson

Last year, we talked to Roger Anderson about his Jolly Roger Telephone company bot, a system he designed to frustrate and annoy telemarketers by sending them through an infinite loop of robot responses. Now, Anderson is taking aim at the Windows support scammers who try to scare victims into calling them and paying for fake […]

On the Wire Podcast: Rick Holland

Criminals, like legitimate merchants, rely on their reputations in order to attract customers. When that reputation suffers, so does their business. And criminals don’t take lightly the subset of their community that preys on other criminals, stealing money or failing to deliver the goods they’ve promised. So criminals need to be very careful about who […]

On the Wire Podcast: Michael Tiffany

Cybercriminals depend upon the income they generate from their schemes to fund further operations, and one of the main ways that they extract money from victims is through ad fraud. This week, researchers at White Ops disclosed the existence of the Methbot ad fraud network, which is using a sophisticated worldwide infrastructure and custom browsers […]

On the Wire Podcast: Samy Kamkar

Samy Kamkar spends a lot of time coming up with clever hardware hacks, and his latest project, PoisonTap, may be at the top of the heap. Built on a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero board, the device can be plugged into the USB port on any locked or password protected machine and will perform a long […]

On the Wire Podcast: Avi Rubin

The news has been full of headlines for weeks about election fraud, voting machine hacking, and all kinds of other scary sounding stuff. Much of the coverage has been hyperbolic to say the least, so we decided to get some clear-headed, rational thoughts on the topic from Avi Rubin. Avi is a professor at Johns […]

On the Wire Podcast: Ronnie Tokazowski

For a youngster, the Mirai botnet has gotten more than its share of attention in its short life. The botnet first came to prominence when researchers discovered it was used in an attack on Brian Krebs’s site several weeks ago, and later on a hosting provider. It gained more fame because it’s made up of compromised […]

On the Wire Podcast: Cindy Cohn

Few people have been more deeply involved in the fight to protect strong encryption than Cindy Cohn. Beginning in the early 1990s when she was brought in as an outside counsel to help the EFF in the Bernstein v. Department of Justice case, and extending through the current conflict between law enforcement and technology vendors over […]

On the Wire Podcast: Mike Mimoso

It’s been a weird and wild week in the security world, with the Yahoo mail-scanning scandal, the arrest of another NSA contractor for allegedly stealing classified documents, and the FBI asking for cyber help. So we called up Mike Mimoso of Threatpost to unpack all of it and see where things stand. Music by Chris […]