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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Last week, Sales Engineers Jay Hart & Dave Dalebroux facilitated an engaging discussion concerning the rise of social engineering, the how and why social engineers are targeting contact centers, and what you can do to address it.

In last week’s Pindrop Pulse webinar, Jay Hart & Dave Dalebroux discussed social engineering and presented recommendations on how you can address social engineering and protect your call center. While the notion of phishing arises from email, chat, and other messages where fraudsters would try to extract information from consumers, this tactic has been adapted to attacking the phone channel. Vishing is the process of phishing through the voice channel and helps facilitates $4 Billion in fraud each year. Considering the current rapid changes call centers have experienced in infrastructure, fraud professionals should find out how they are being targeted and if they are protected, as their workforce takes and reviews calls from home.

Call center fraud prevention professionals will find this Pulse installment, particularly of interest as Jay and Dave Dalebroux, discuss:

  • 5 most common types of fraud tactics used by fraudsters
    • Voice Phishing 
    • Early reconnaissance
    • Man In The Middle Attacks
    • Travel Notifications
    • I need to update 
  • How social engineers are using vishing, your tools, and your internal processes against your company
  • How social engineers are using the information they gather online to attack you 
  • The thought process of social engineers as they attack your IVR


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