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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

This week, Thursday, April 16, join Sales Engineers, Darren Baldwin and Shawn Hall for an in-depth discussion on how and why criminals are assaulting your IVR and what you can do to address it.

In this week’s Pindrop Pulse webinar, Darren and Shawn discuss IVR assault and present recommendations on how you can address it and protect your entire call center. IVR fraud rates are nearly equal to live agent phone fraud; with rapid changes occurring globally concerning how and where we work, fraud professionals should consider the ways in which they are being targeted and if they are protected, even with their workforce taking and reviewing calls from home. IVR attackers test and mine for account numbers, reset pin numbers, take over accounts, request new cards, and phish for customer data without ever touching an agent. These activities drive up fraud losses. 

Call center fraud and operations professionals will find this Pulse installment particularly of interest as Darren and Shawn discuss:

  • The motivations and strategies behind targeting IVRs
  • How to detect attacks early in the reconnaissance phase as it hides in your IVR
  • How operations cost increases as a result of IVR Fraud and how they can be reduced
  • How to increase IVR self-service capabilities safely, reducing handle time and increasing customer satisfaction


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