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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

The world’s largest companies are facing an uphill climb in pursuit of call center overhauls to address rapid infrastructure changes caused by the Coronavirus. Reductions in productivity and increases in call handle and wait times have aggravated call center leaders, analysts, agents, and also customers. In this post, we will explore the ways in which you can optimize processes and resources for a remote or remote-ish workforce. All levels of call center leadership will find this article useful as the information provided will help you and your reports productive. 

Why is Workforce Optimization Important?

Call centers are experiencing record call volumes – we all know this, what other factors are impacting call center processes and productivity? 

Technology & Environment

Constraints in the technology available for call center workers at home has a direct impact on their productivity. From an analyst parred down from three screens to one, to a customer agent used to high-quality audio, bright lighting, and a dedicated workspace. From missing monitors to the inability to have a private space free from children and spouses, understanding the constraints technology processes may put on your workforce is paramount for capacity planning. 

Software Capability 

The technological capability of the call center is a different issue entirely. The ability of the call center to reduce call wait times and ensure security by IVR routing enhanced self-service options, and case management tools directly impacts productivity and cost. If these tools are not available – call wait and handle times go unoptimized and are exacerbated by the employee’s technology and the environment as mentioned above. 

Call Capacity

Exploring tools that can reduce handle time or ease fraud caseloads to accommodate productivity reduction will directly impact your available capacity. As U.S. based call centers are reducing on-site staff or completely shuttering centers in favor of having employees field calls from home, places like the Philippines and India where many call centers have outsourced are being deeply impacted by Coronavirus 19, further impacting capacity. As more calls come in and more employees are unable to answer phones due to lockdowns, sickness, and challenges concerning technological infrastructure. 

Understanding these factors, the importance of their consideration, their optimization, and their impact on your team’s productivity has a direct impact on customer experience and fraud cost. Longer hold times and technology constraints present an uncomfortable experience for the customer, aggravation for the agent, and fraud backlog for the analyst which translates to costly brand damages and fraud-related costs.  

4 Resources for Optimizing Your Remote Workforce

Below are 4 resources that can help you optimize your remote workforce:

Tightening Security Processes

Fraudulent activity could be falling through the cracks of your call center as fraudsters take advantage of the high call volumes, fear, and sympathy caused by COVID-19. This post teaches you 4 steps to take today, to thwart the fraudsters and the costs they bring.

Reduce Hold Times

The optimization of enrollment processes contributes to optimal authentication abilities and cost savings. The optimization of these processes leans heavily on passive approaches as it removes barriers and overcomes objections of consumers. This post explains how you can ensure enrollment optimization results in optimal time savings for customer service agents and consumers.

Tackle Fraud Upticks

As work from home expands, fraudulent schemes and fraud actors evolve, and so must the protections needed to thwart them. This post breaks down three operational additions that can significantly reduce the amount of fraud coming through your work from home call center. 

Continue Learning and Optimizing

With rapid changes occurring globally concerning how and where we work, call center professionals should consider the ways in which they are being targeted and if they are protected, even with their workforce taking and reviewing calls from home. These video resources offer education on optimizing and securing your resources in our current environment. 

Optimizing your remote workforce means addressing capacity and technology shortfalls while maintaining security processes, mitigating fraud, and delivering a seamless customer experience. 

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