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Anti Fraud

Detect fraud on live calls and identify customer accounts that are at risk.

Improve the security posture of your contact
center with cloud-based fraud detection

The contact center is often the weakest link in an organization’s security. Businesses can leverage Pindrop to detect fraud signals in the voice channel and the IVR to gain a clearer view of fraud impact.
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Reduce 80% of fraud calls to the agent

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Amount of verified loses prevented since 2012

Intelligent fraud analytics

  • Detect live social engineering attacks
  • Reduce fraud call to agents
  • Reduce fraud losses from ATO

Omni-channel risk reduction

  • Predict which accounts are at-risk based on behavior analysis using the latest AI
  • Track account risk from signals across multiple channels

Enhance brand & reputation

  • Avoid negative press
  • Improve the customer call experience by reducing “security” steps
  • Improved protection against customer account fraud

Pindrop® Protect

Pindrop Protect provides insights on each call, assessing the risk based on information fraudsters can’t control – the audio of the call. Pindrop Protect uses patented technology to analyzes over 1,300 features of each call to detect the subtle anomalies that indicate fraud.

PSCU Secures its Phone Channel with Pindrop

PSCU partnered with Pindrop to secure its phone channel. Together, we’re reducing account vulnerability by assessing the risk of phone calls and helping prevent fraud loss.


A Credit Union achieved equivalent fraud loss savings of $1 dollar on every call.

CommunityAmerica Credit Union has strengthened their brand as a result by delivering frictionless member services and by providing comprehensive, flexible, and predictive consumer data protection. Find out how they partnered with Pindrop to achieve their goals.


When it comes to deploying your cloud-based contact center, there is rarely a “one-size-fits-all” easy button. Pindrop has a robust network of carriers, platforms, contact centers, and system integrators to give you the flexibility you need.

Agent or IVR

Protection across the enterprise from financial fraud. Pindrop can help defend contact centers against. threats both in real-time and analysis events over time to provide a true comprehensive fraud review for your organization.


Get real time call risk on every call with real-time alerts for agents on potential fraudulent callers.


Determine call risk and account risk in the IVR to prevent data theft, account mining, ATO, and omni-channel fraud


DeepVoice™ Engine

Pindrop’s proprietary deep neural network speaker recognition system to provide voice authentication, data, and analysis.

Phoneprinting® Technology

Full Audio analysis including DTMF looking for 1382 device & audio district attributes used for anomaly detection

Behavior Analysis

Using DTMF Pattern monitors, manners and habits around keypresses, calling reputation, account activity assessment

Pindrop Intelligence Network

A comprehensive database, or consortium, of fraud profiles built from cumulative network data acquired across Pindrop customers and enhanced with Machine Learning on over 1.2B calls
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Pindrop Pulse


Pindrop Deepfake Detection

Deepfake detection tech must evolve quickly. Organizations using voice verification should review their security strategy and adopt a defense-in-depth approach. Pindrop has been developing deepfake detection since 2014, focusing on voice security.


The 2023 Pindrop Voice Intelligence & Security Report

Explore an in-depth analysis of 2022 fraud trends, 2023 predictions, vulnerabilities in the contact center, and strategies for fraud prevention and customer satisfaction.


Authentically You

From the moment we're born, we use our voices to identify ourselves, to prove who we are, and to make connections. See how Pindrop is enabling voice for authentication and fraud prevention.

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