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Annual Report

2024 Voice Intelligence and Security Report

Fraudsters have a new tool for gaining entry into contact centers and extracting private data: voice deepfake technology. Discover data-driven solutions to protect your business and customers from advanced fraud techniques.

Contact center fraud has grown 60% in the last two years with rising data breaches, ID thefts, account reconnaissance, and now Generative AI.
Financial institutions continue to see the highest number of fraud attempts, but fraud in the e-commerce sector is growing rapidly.
Deepfakes are already in contact centers. Fraudsters are testing the waters and learning to scale their attacks.
The average contact center authentication process has increased from 30 to 46 seconds (+53%) from 2020 to 2023, resulting in higher costs and lower customer satisfaction ratings.

What’s in the Report

Learn how to navigate the emerging threats in voice security’s evolving landscape and equip your business with robust tools to combat fraudsters and authenticate your customers effectively.

Fraud continues to rise as data breaches and ID thefts show no sign of abating. Dive into Pindrop’s annual contact center fraud research to get to the root of the problem and figure out the best way to protect your brand, consumers and business.

Deepfakes are not new, but they have become particularly treacherous due to advancements in Generative AI. Fraudsters are becoming more equipped to createat creating deepfakes. If not stopped, this could balloon into a $5 billion problem. Read this report to find out how.

Fraud rates in e-commerceEcommerce are 3x more than in financial services and are forecasted to grow by 166% in 2024. Contact centers are at the epicenter of this fraud spike. Find out what you can do to protect yourself and your customers.

Fraud and authentication are two sides of the same coin. While fraud has spiked in the last two years, authentication has become more expensive, costlier, and time-consumingtime consuming. Read this report to discover how you can balance both these challenges effectively.

Pindrop’s vigilant research team is at the forefront of solving the most advanced and challenging cybersecurity threats. Dive into our research library for more insights.

Take the first step toward a safer, more secure future for your business.