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Written by: Mike Yang

There are not a lot of surprises in the security world. With email, web, database, etc., the model has looked basically the same. Figure out how what a good guy does differs from what a bad guy does.
The challenge has always been telling that difference. What do you know? Can you trust it? Can you measure it? Is it timely?
This is also our world in the new world of phone security. We want to know that the person on the other end of the line is who they say they are. We want to know if they are doing things to trick us or hide their activities.
Of course, the only thing we’ve know until now is if they can answer (or guess) some personal questions. And bad guys have gotten pretty good at this. Which means now you know the caller is either the actual person – or they are someone who has put in a bit of time and effort to pretend to be that person.
We’ve seen lots of new answers suggested. Voice Biometrics is supposed to authenticate the caller, i.e. prove who they are. But it’s really just a variation on the questions – it indicates that the person is who they say they are or someone who really wants to sound like them.
What’s unique about Pindrop is that we are the first ones to actually tell you something new about the caller. Where they are calling from. What type of device they are calling with. If they’ve been seen (heard?) before and where. And that tells us a lot. It tells us if they are who they are supposed to be – the right person. And if they are on the phone the number belongs to – the right phone. Finally, are they calling from where we expect them to – the right place.
Right person, right phone, right place. If you know that, you know a lot. But what else?
Along with telling you what they are, we also tell you if they are doing the things you would NOT expect a customer to do. Are they hiding their real location? Are they lying about the phone they’re using? Are they distorting their voice – or emulating someone else’s? Have they hacked a gateway or PBX? If the answer is yes to any of these, handle with care.