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Protecting Customer Experience While Controlling Contact Center Fraud

Building A Deeper Collaboration

It’s a growing problem for contact centre managers: how do organisations balance meeting customer expectations for efficient service while protecting them from fraud? Asking for more information from customers can complicate the user experience and present new opportunities for fraudsters to hone their approach. More importantly, these security issues may lead to reputational damage and loss of revenue for contact centres.

Key Findings

Key Findings

An effective solution against fraud comprises of a number of elements that need detailed planning in order to be implemented into a cohesive strategy. This then needs to be adequately resourced and managed as a collaborative effort amongst stakeholders.

  • A unified approach that secures the entire ecosystem of customer touch points as well as the unique challenges of each individual touch point
  • A multi-layered approach to security technology (e.g. voice biometrics plus Phoneprinting™)
  • Recognition that omnichannel contact centres need integrated text and voice surveillance

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