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Pindrop® Solutions: Beating the Balancing Act of Security and Customer Experience

Pindrop® Panorama leverages years of innovations in machine learning to provide authentication and anti-fraud solutions for today’s call. With Pindrop, organizations can verify their callers in a customer-not-present environment while deterring fraudulent access to customer accounts and identities. Download this data sheet to learn: Why authentication and anti-fraud efforts matter more now than ever before […]

What is Pindrop® Passport?

Pindrop® Passport is a multi-factor authentication solution that passively authenticates callers as they naturally engage with a call center. Download this data sheet to learn: How enterprise call centers use Pindrop® Passport The technologies behind the solution, including Toneprinting™ technology, Deep Voice™ biometric engine, and Phoneprinting™ technology Product features and capabilities

Aite Report Summary

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