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Protecting the Customer Experience While Controlling Contact Centre Fraud

Like any good business, you want to provide a seamless customer experience while doing your best to protect against fraud. Yet security and service are not always mutually inclusive. Stringent verification measures can create a complicated user journey, while asking additional security questions might help fraudsters to hone their approach. Our whitepaper explores this dilemma. […]

Aite: Contact Centers: The Fraud Enablement Channel

Many enterprises fail to identify contact centers as the root of fraud loss, but fraud rings recognize banks’ weakest link. By Shirley W. Inscoe Boston, April 27, 2016 – Armed with breached data and social engineering tactics, organized fraud rings are probing financial institutions for the information they need to access customer funds, and the point of least […]

2016 Top Consumer Phone Scams

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2017 UK Call Centre Fraud Report

Call Centre Fraud Attacks Have Increased 113% Pindrop® Labs analysed more than half-a-billion calls to investigate the latest fraudulent call centre activity data from around the world. Pindrop’s 7th annual Call Centre Fraud Report reveals that call centres are the nexus of fraud activity with a 113% rise in fraudulent calls within the past year. […]

2016 Call Center Fraud Report

Call Center Fraud Has Grown 45% Since 2013 In the past two years, call center fraud has grown at an alarming rate. Attackers target call centers to gain access to funds, as well as gathering, testing and augmenting personal data to use in future fraud attacks or to sell on the black market. To learn […]

GDPR Compliance

In response to the growing threat of security breaches, countries across the European Union (EU) have enacted stringent legislation and regulation regarding the protection of personal data. To maximise protection, the EU is replacing the Data Protection Directive (DPD), which previously regulated the processing and free movement of data within the entirety of the EU, […]

The UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker’s Guide 2016 Report

Customer security processes are about two factors: are you who you say you are, and are you allowed to do what you are trying to do? Until a few years ago, many businesses relied on trust that the caller was who they claimed to be. Today, strong identity verification processes are now seen as critically […]

Phone Security in the Public Sector

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people call U.S. government and public sector agencies. While most private sector call centers deal with inquiries around shipping delays or billing statements, calls to a government agency tend to be centered around more important matters – help with tax returns, filing for needed benefits, emergency services, etc. The […]

U.S. Whitepaper: Protecting Customer Experience While Controlling Contact Centre Fraud

The world of real-time connectivity has substantially increased fraud in recent years, impacting U.S. enterprises and their customers. While contact center fraud is not new, the increasing emphasis on omnichannel customer service through proactive, assisted, and self service systems all provide new opportunities for fraud, as well as increased customer expectation.