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Fraudeurs à l’assaut des centres d’appels vaincus

8 milliards de $ par an sont investis dans des systèmes de sécurité inefficaces : ne vous faites pas avoir En matière de prévention contre les fraudes, l’accent est essentiellement mis sur les canaux physiques et en ligne, au détriment du canal téléphonique. Ce défaut de protection représente un coût annuel de 14 milliards de $. Les solutions […]

Kontaktcenter-Betrüger vereitelt

8 Milliarden US-Dollar im Jahr werden für ineffektive Sicherheitsmaßnahmen verschwendet. Lassen Sie sich nicht täuschen Angriffe in der realen Wirklichkeit und Online-Kanäle erhalten die meiste Aufmerksamkeit, wenn es um die Betrugsprävention geht. Dadurch wird der Telefonkanal interessant für die Angriffe von Betrügern. Die Vernachlässigung der Investition in notwendige Sicherheitslösungen für den Telefonkanal hat zu jährlichen Verlusten […]

Pindrop® Solutions: Beating the Balancing Act of Security and Customer Experience

Pindrop® Panorama leverages years of innovations in machine learning to provide authentication and anti-fraud solutions for today’s call. With Pindrop, organizations can verify their callers in a customer-not-present environment while deterring fraudulent access to customer accounts and identities. Download this data sheet to learn: Why authentication and anti-fraud efforts matter more now than ever before […]

Top 10 U.S. Retail Bank Cuts 55 Seconds Per Call with Pindrop® Passport

One of the largest retail banks in the U.S. sought to improve customer satisfaction in the call center by eliminating time-consuming processes. Limited by a non-speech-enabled IVR, the bank was constrained to outdated authentication options, such as PIN numbers and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions. Long enrollment processes and authentication challenges were driving call handle times up, causing significant customer […]

What is Pindrop® Passport?

Pindrop® Passport is a multi-factor authentication solution that passively authenticates callers as they naturally engage with a call center. Download this data sheet to learn: How enterprise call centers use Pindrop® Passport The technologies behind the solution, including Toneprinting™ technology, Deep Voice™ biometric engine, and Phoneprinting™ technology Product features and capabilities

The UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker’s Guide 2017-18 Report

Customer security processes are about two factors: are you who you say you are, and are you allowed to do what you are trying to do? Until a few years ago many businesses relied on trust that the caller was who they claimed to be, asking only for a name and address. Today, strong identity […]

Call Center Fraudsters Defeated

$8 Billion is Wasted on Ineffective Security: Don’t Be Fooled Physical and online channels receive the most attention when it comes to fraud prevention – leaving the phone channel vulnerable to fraudster attacks. The dismissal of the phone channel’s need for security solutions has led to an annual fraud loss of $14 billion. Legacy and […]

Call Center Fraudsters Unmasked

Real-Life Fraudsters, The Real Costly Call Center Challenge With a global increase in call center fraud of 113%, it is obvious the sophistication of fraudsters is evolving to surpass security measures and to fit the needs of a common end goal – financial gain. Pindrop® Labs analyzed 440 million calls in efforts to identify recurring […]

2017 Call Center Fraud Report

Call Center Fraud Attacks Have Increased By 113% Pindrop® Labs analyzed more than half-a-billion calls to investigate the latest fraudulent call center activity data from around the world. Pindrop’s 7th annual Call Center Fraud Report reveals that call centers are the nexus of fraud activity with a 113% rise in fraudulent calls within the past […]