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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

In 2020, Pindrop acquired New-York based company, Next Caller Inc., and with it, the VeriCall® Technology—a best-in-class phone number (ANI) validation and spoof detection service. 

VeriCall technology is responsible for helping to streamline the call experience for customers of the country’s largest brands. The solution provides near real-time caller ID intelligence to remove friction during authentication and helps to secure the phone channel by flagging high-risk interactions like call spoofing.  

Two years later, the investment in VeriCall technology has taken another exciting step forward with Pindrop’s release of a brand new Call Verification technology, available with new subscriptions of Pindrop and Next Caller’s call center solutions. 

Pindrop’s Call Verification technology combines state of the art machine learning insights and analysis from its award-winning platform with the intelligence of the VeriCall rule engine and its patented Routing Analysis technology. The result is powerful new capabilities, easier integration, and digital reporting tools for businesses. These advancements further distance our technology’s performance from alternative solutions.  

Pindrop’s Call Verification technology can deliver the following benefits: 

  • A higher percentage of calls that can receive step-down authentication

    Previously, VeriCall technology “Green lights” an average of 75% of call traffic out-of-the-box (and 90% of calls when paired with Pindrop’s Risk-Based Authentication)*

    *Calls that receive the Green light become opportunities to reassess the need for knowledge-based security questions, one-time passcodes, and/or account PIN requirements for the caller, where doing so can save the business time and money while making life easier for customers.
    By leveraging even more call data insights, Call Verification technology looks to further increase the Green light rate to well over 90%.

  • Detect call spoofing with greater precision

    Call Verification technology benefits from the combination of VeriCall technology’s industry-leading ability to identify spoofed calls with high accuracy and Pindrop’s own machine learning insights to continue to prevent spoofed calls from being given Green scores with high reliability while also tightening analysis to limit false positives.

  • Identify fraud risks with accuracy

    Call Verification technology is also capable of identifying calls with high risk of fraud.  Flagging risks can help you to mitigate fraud losses, protect customer accounts, avoid bad publicity, and increase agent confidence.

    Leveraging  information from the Pindrop Intelligence Network and assessing the calling patterns, Call Verification technology is able to help businesses identify potentially fraudulent calls with actionable intelligence by alerting on less than 1% calls.  This efficient analysis makes it easier for businesses to take action on potential risks in near real time–which can include additional validation steps, specialized call routing, alerting agents, and gathering intel for fraud investigation.

    Enterprises will also be able to utilize a fraud feedback loop and Allow/Block lists to address business-specific threats.

  • Incorporate STIR/SHAKEN Attestations

    The Call Verification service provides enterprises with the ability to ingest STIR/SHAKEN Attestations as a data point to supplement its machine learning models and call risk assessment process. This solution enables organizations to leverage Attestation-related insight while also maintaining the ability to assess potential call risks with high reliability and accuracy when attestation data is not present.

  • Streamline Integration

    Using a simple API endpoint, Call Verification technology is designed for fast, lightweight implementation. Pindrop’s solution can also reduce the installation burden by simplifying the call data capture process.


The Call Verification technology is the latest innovation to spring from service  platforms that combined have analyzed a staggering 5.5 billion calls to date, and counting. Through a lean,  enterprise-grade technology with minimal overhead, Call Verification technology brings an unprecedented combination of cloud-based call authentication and fraud detection performance to businesses of various sizes. 


Call Verification technology is available now, delivered as part of the latest versions of Pindrop’s and Next Caller’s enterprise grade call center products, Next Caller’s VeriCall® Technology, and Pindrop’s Protect Anti-Fraud and Passport Authentication solutions. 


This Call Verification technology can be added to existing Pindrop customers as an optional add-on subscription. For more information, please contact your account team, or you can reach out to us here.