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Written by: Rahul Sood

Chief Product Officer

Pindrop, a leader in voice security and deepfake detection solutions, has joined forces with Respeecher, a leading provider of voice cloning solutions, to promote the ethical use of Generative Artificial Intelligence and to strengthen the fight against bad actors. This landmark partnership paves the way for the rapid development of deepfake detection technology by working closely with voice cloning systems. Pindrop and Respeecher will share research tools and data to maximize accuracy in detecting bad actors who use real-time voice cloning systems for fraud. 

With generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) advancements, voice cloning has become a powerful tool that creates believable replicas of human voices. These cloned voices capture the subtleties of human speech, cadences, and imperfections which make these voices sound authentic. Respeecher helps content creators use voice clones in new and exciting ways in movies, television, advertising, gaming, and other creative applications. Voice clones, used ethically, can create more social and consumer engagement, help patients with speech disabilities recover their voice, dub content in a different language or voice a new character. Respeecher has established its leadership in developing best practices for the ethical and safe use of voice cloning with its strict consent, moderation, and data security policies. 

However, the same voice cloning technology, in the hands of bad actors, can be used for nefarious purposes such as financial fraud, impersonating family members, or audiojacking live conversations. With the increasing sophistication of AI, the risk of more realistic voice clones and scaled-up organized attacks poses a major challenge. It is imperative that voice cloning providers design their solutions to avoid causing harm, upholding their high standards for the ethical use of AI and avoiding cloning voices without permission. The next level of threat is the real-time voice conversion (voice swap) that gets rid of synthetic artifacts and unnatural pauses and creates a more natural flow. These synthetic voices are nearly impossible for human ears to detect. 

This is where Pindrop’s solution can play a pivotal role. Voice clones are not easily detectable by human ears. Research from UCL demonstrates that a person can detect an AI-generated voice only 73% of the time. However, Pindrop’s sophisticated deepfake detection technology can reach 99% accuracy. Pindrop achieves this by leveraging “Liveness detection” technology which analyzes a voice 8000 times per second for artifacts that both should and shouldn’t be there, including sounds that reflect a human vocal tract opening and closing or machine-generated frequencies that are impossible for humans to hear.  

Pindrop’s partnership with Respeecher is a major advancement in the fight against deepfakes. This partnership introduces a unique solution in the market that detects voice conversion in real time and provides the industry with a headstart on fraudsters who are planning to fool traditional authentication and biometric defenses. This partnership also lays the groundwork for both companies to promote the ethical use of GenAI in our technology moving forward. Pindrop and Respeecher, together, will help keep deepfake detection technology ahead of the evolving deepfake fraud tactics.

Pindrop is excited about partnering with Respeecher so deepfake detection can stay ahead of the curve to protect against voice clones. This partnership will help Pindrop in our mission to promote trust in every call for businesses like banks, insurance firms, or healthcare providers, allowing them to deliver exceptional experiences that their customers expect and deserve.”

Rahul Sood, Chief Product Officer, Pindrop   

Respeecher proved itself not only as a Hollywood quality AI voice technology with credits in Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, and HBO movies but also as an ethical company that takes this issue seriously. Within the last two years, we’ve put a lot of effort into developing a benchmark for AI companies on how to work ethically and following it, too. It includes our collaboration with a number of initiatives like PAI and Adobe’s CAI. No doubt that a partnership with Pindrop will help us bring security, identity, and trust to every voice interaction.”

Alex Serdiuk, CEO and Co-founder, Respeecher  

About Pindrop

Pindrop solutions are leading the way to the future of voice by establishing the standard for identity, security and trust for every voice interaction. Pindrop solutions protect some of the biggest banks, insurers, and retailers in the world using patented technology that extracts intelligence from every call and voice encountered. Pindrop solutions help detect fraudsters and authenticate genuine customers, reducing fraud and operational costs, while improving customer experience and protecting brand reputation. Pindrop, a privately held company, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, was founded in 2011 by Dr. Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Dr. Paul Judge and Dr. Mustaque Ahamad and is venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Citi Ventures, Felicis Ventures, CapitalG, GV, IVP and Vitruvian Partners. For more information, please visit 

About Respeecher

Respeecher – an AI voice cloning technology with a portfolio of projects for Hollywood and AAA games. Startup is better known for recreating Darth Vader’s voice for the Star Wars TV series, Edith Piaf’s voice for the Warner Music biopic, and Viktor Vector’s voice in the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. In 2021 won an Emmy Award for a documentary film, Event of Moon Disaster, with President Nixon’s speech. In 2023 Webby Awards for the best use of AI. Unlike existing AI voice solutions, Respeecher focuses on an ethical approach and makes it a central pillar of the business.