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Phone Security in the Public Sector

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people call U.S. government and public sector agencies. While most private sector call centers deal with inquiries around shipping delays or billing statements, calls to a government agency tend to be centered around more important matters – help with tax returns, filing for needed benefits, emergency services, etc. The […]

Protecting Customer Experience While Controlling Contact Center Fraud

Building A Deeper Collaboration It’s a growing problem for contact centre managers: how do organisations balance meeting customer expectations for efficient service while protecting them from fraud? Asking for more information from customers can complicate the user experience and present new opportunities for fraudsters to hone their approach. More importantly, these security issues may lead […]

Stopping the Surge of Card Not Present Fraud in Retail Call Centers

While the US may have been the last major country to transition to EMV chip card technology, adoption has been swift – as has a corresponding rise in card-not-present (CNP) fraud, as fraudsters shift their focus to less protected channels such as the call center. Not surprisingly, according to Aite Group, an independent research firm, […]

RIS Retail IQ Report

Retailers’ existing traditional security systems are not robust or secure enough to handle the increasing volume of data filtering across web-enabled processes and devices. Brands operate legacy-based point-of-sale hardware, software and payments terminals — all of which are becoming vulnerability points. A digitally-influenced retail experience may enable brands to conduct business from a variety of […]

Online Brokerage Saves $1.5 Million With Fraud Detection System

Call centers in the U.S. spend over $10 billion per year authenticating callers; however, they are still forced to deal with social engineering attacks designed to gain access to accounts, money, and other assets. For companies like this top 3 online brokerage, tactics like social engineering, Caller ID/ANI spoofing, and customer impersonations have allowed fraudsters […]

Securing the Call Center in Financial Institutions

Major US Retail Bank Reduces Call Center Fraud Losses 70% In 2015, a leading U.S. retail bank found that fraud attempts on their call center were at an all time high, and expected to continue growing. With the help of Pindrop, the bank was able to secure their call center, reducing fraud loss, while lowering […]

The Weakest Link: Phone Channel Authentication & Anti-Fraud in the Public Sector

Data breaches not only affect financial security and personal privacy, but diminish public trust immensely. Physical and online security gaps are highly monitored in the information security industry through further regulations, technologies, and recommended best practices. However, even though these measures have been taken, fraudsters can still obtain valuable information. Although online and physical channels […]