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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Pindrop is at the forefront of voice security innovation, especially in combating the sophisticated threats introduced by deepfake technology. We’re proud to present the Pindrop® Pulse Deepfake Warranty, a first-of-its-kind warranty to support trust and security in voice communications. This pioneering warranty is part of Pindrop’s commitment to innovation and its customers’ safety, providing reimbursement in the event of certain losses due to synthetic voice fraud (terms and conditions apply).

Detect synthetic voice fraud

Integrating the full Pindrop® Product Suite into your operations for eligible calls is a key component to unlock access to the Pulse Deepfake Warranty1. This warranty reimburses Pindrop customers for certain losses from synthetic voice fraud2, with reimbursement levels correlated to your organization’s baseline annual subscription call volume on the date of the synthetic voice fraud. The Pindrop® Product Suite is comprised of:

  • Pindrop® Protect: A sophisticated fraud detection system that scrutinizes a wide range of indicators for suspicious behavior throughout the fraud event lifecycle, using voice biometrics, device analysis, and behavioral patterns to flag potential fraud.
  • Pindrop® Passport: This multi-factor authentication solution leverages voice biometrics, Phoneprinting® technology , and behavioral analysis to accurately verify callers to help ensure secure and user-friendly access for genuine customers.
  • Pindrop® Pulse: At the forefront of combating deepfake and synthetic voice threats, Pulse employs advanced liveness detection and voice analysis to identify synthetic voice attacks in real time, combating the latest deepfake threats.

The Pindrop® Product Suite, supported by the Pulse Deepfake Warranty, delivers a robust framework for protecting voice interactions against the sophisticated landscape of fraud and reinforces your organization’s security posture. 

Key aspects:

  • Reimburses against synthetic voice fraud losses on eligible calls that occur in the IVR or in the contact center when the Pindrop Scores do not alert to that risk.  
  • Offers reimbursement up to $1 million, with reimbursement caps tied to annual subscription call volumes.
  • Available at no additional cost to Pindrop customers who have a 3-year subscription to the entire Pindrop Product Suite.

Why Choose Pindrop?

Since its inception in 2011, Pindrop has pioneered voice security technology, serving global leaders across various industries. Our comprehensive suite of products is designed to authenticate legitimate customers and detect fraudulent activities. By doing so, Pindrop solutions help fortify your defenses against fraud and enhance the overall customer experience through secure, seamless interactions. This dual focus on security and user experience sets Pindrop apart, making it a trusted partner in the ongoing battle against voice fraud and the emerging challenges of synthetic voice technologies.

As deepfake technology advances, posing new challenges in cybersecurity, Pindrop is dedicated to helping its customers with effective detection strategies. The Pindrop Pulse technology is an integral part of the Pindrop® Product Suite, and it boasts a 99% deepfake detection rate with minimal false positives. The Pulse Deepfake Warranty embodies our confidence in the Pindrop Product Suite’s ability to detect synthetic voice fraud.3

Elevate your security strategy

The Pulse Deepfake Warranty allows you to confidently approach the fight against synthetic voice fraud. Supported by Pindrop’s sophisticated detection technology and up to $1 million in reimbursement4, your organization can better face the challenges posed by deepfake attacks.

Discover how the Pulse Deepfake Warranty backstops our award-winning technology. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experts today.


1. Additional terms and conditions apply.
2. Additional conditions apply. Eligible reimbursement amounts vary depending on subscription call volume. See Warranty terms for details.
4. Eligible reimbursement amounts vary depending on subscription call volume. See Warranty terms for details.