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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

It is not difficult to imagine a disgruntled son, using his father’s cell phone to call in and change an insurance policy or to get into his account for more devious machinations. The typical authentication solutions in today’s contact centers cannot recognize the different situations when a voice does not match with the enrolled users and the different levels of risk presented by those calls. They can only see a binary (match/not a match) event and create an alert if a voice won’t match for any reason. This would create too many false alerts and unnecessary cases in the process. Most voice systems lack the ability to recognize voices enrolled vs a voice that IS NOT enrolled, most are relegated to match or can’t match. 

Pindrop, through its Voice Mismatch feature just released in June 2022, can tell if a voice matches the enrolled voice, whether not enough voice is present to match, or if the voice does not match with an enrolled voice (e.g., another person’s voice is being used entirely). Voice mismatches can be detected from enrolled devices helping to address concerns about familial fraud or using a stolen device to achieve authentication. This feature helps detect intentionally deceptive callers by alerting when a voice is a mismatch to enrolled users. Even accounts with multiple users enrolled can be set to alert if a mismatched voice attempts to authenticate. Pindrop® technology detects this mismatch but does not use it as a standalone risk factor in its platform. Instead, Pindrop’s solution treats the voice mismatch information in conjunction with its customers’ policies and its voice clustering abilities to enable the customer to recommend a treatment for the call. Contact centers can use Pindrop® Passport’s new voice mismatch feature to help improve account access protection, and even trigger an investigation event when paired with the Pindrop® Protect solution. 

If a different voice is not expected (e.g., there is only one account holder on the account) , Pindrop customers can leverage “do not authenticate” policies to leverage voice mismatch for real time treatment or with other risk factors in case policies to create alerts for post call analysis. In cases where multiple voices are expected, such as joint account holders, Pindrop’s solution provides voice clustering capabilities so that all the joint account holders can experience expedited frictionless authentication. The platform also provides flexibility to leverage these capabilities based on different needs of different lines of business.

More Step Down, Now Step UP!

With the addition of Pindrop Passport’s voice mismatch feature providing intelligence on over 90% of call traffic for customers to make a determination for step-up or step-down routing – reducing operational burdens and helping to speed up call times when less risk may be present on certain calls. 

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