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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

The best technology makes you forget that you are using it. Because when life happens, people are not thinking about credentials or security. They are looking to connect.

Pindrop has announced their latest innovations around new intelligence extracted from voice, as well as new means to investigate potential fraud, create more impactful authentication policies, and help to increase the security posture of contact centers. The list of new features is outlined below, with custom data tags coming this summer and all other features available today. Pindrop customers can contact their representatives to activate these features.


Pindrop’s Deep Voice® Engine now offers new features via voice analysis to derive demographic insights to help predict age range and spoken language via API-driven requests. This new intelligence can assist with streamlining user experience, including personalization of the caller’s language, and provide intelligence for enhanced authentication processes. Pindrop’s latest intelligence insights can help bolster the customer experience and provide the tools for enterprises to unlock new personalized experiences in the contact center.   

Voice Mismatch - Available Today!

This feature helps detect intentionally deceptive callers by alerting when a voice is a mismatch to enrolled users. Even accounts with multiple users enrolled can be set to alert if a mismatched voice attempts to authenticate. Voice mismatches can be detected from voice from an enrolled device, helping to address concerns about familial fraud or using a stolen device to achieve authentication. Contact centers can use Pindrop® Passport’s new voice mismatch feature to help improve account access protection, and even trigger an investigation event when paired with the Pindrop® Protect solution. 

More Step Down, Now Step UP!

With the addition of Pindrop Passport’s voice mismatch feature providing intelligence on over 90% of call traffic for customers to make a determination for step-up or step-down routing – reducing operational burdens and helping to speed up call times when less risk may be present on certain calls. 

Custom Data Tags - Available Summer 2022

Beyond the additional intelligence derived from voice analysis like demographic insights, Pindrop has also added a feature that allows a customer to add tags to assist with more efficient investigations.  By adding the ability to add custom data tags to accounts, analysts can conduct more impactful call fraud investigations based on more intelligence.  Customer data tags also allow organizations to consume the Pindrop® product’s intelligence downstream and combine with your data to support more flexible policies and better control of fraud investigations. Fraud professionals can now search and sort through cases based on their own customer fields combined with risk intelligence from Pindrop’s solution. Additionally, Pindrop customers utilizing both Pindrop® Protect and Pindrop® Passport can now inform their policy creation with data pulled from either product. Now voice mismatches or failed authentication attempts, under the right conditions, can be alerted on or trigger escalation policies.  

Case Management - Available Today!

Pindrop’s latest product release not only improves performance, but is also customizable to help with efficiency and productivity. By working with Pindrop to deploy a simple optional calibration to the call scoring, fraud management leaders can have predictable alert rates and case creation rates to avoid fluctuations in the number of alerts being generated on any given day. It can be used to support the capacity to review alerts. 

More Under the Hood Improvements

Pindrop Intelligence
Network (PIN)

Improvements to metadata analysis for risk assessment has improved the overall performance of the Pindrop Intelligence Network. PIN scores are used in Protect, Passport, and Vericall® products and contribute to the risk analysis for all of our contact center products. Better metadata analysis means more accurate PIN scores for contact centers to use by alerting on known fraudsters.

Enhanced Spoof

Spoofing is a common fraud technique to disguise the true phone number. Pindrop has enhanced its spoof detection capabilities across the platform. In addition to confirming calls are not spoofed, Pindrop’s solutions also support more effective authentication policies against identified risks from spoofing.

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