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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Legacy authentication methods like knowledge-based authentication questions (KBAs), ANI verification, and stand-alone voice biometrics are often ineffective, inefficient, and lengthen call handle time. To stay ahead, organizations are utilizing innovation – and Pindrop is here to help.

Bank of the West is Pindrop’s latest partner in the fight against fraud within the phone channel. Focused on its award-winning relationship banking approach and customer service, Bank of the West enhanced its customer experience by adopting our fraud solution. Additionally, this partnership comes at a time when consumers are more than willing and eager to use voice authentication.

“Pindrop’s machine learning technology allows us to better know our customers and more effectively protect their assets,” said Patricia Nowak, Head of Enterprise Customer Experience for Bank of the West. “Using emerging technology to better serve our customers is a key initiative for Bank of the West.”

Backed by machine learning, Pindrop’s fraud detection solutions allow organizations to better know their customers while protecting customers’ assets from by highlighting unusual activity and identify issues before they become a problem. Pindrop’s solutions provide protection by establishing the standard for security, identity, and trust for every voice interaction by authenticating callers and detecting fraudsters. Authenticating customers not only cuts down on fraud, but decreasing call handle time so customers can focus on resolving transactions or other account problems rather than traditional authentication questions.

Learn more about our latest partnership here.