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Pindrop® Passport helps call centers authenticate legitimate callers quickly and accurately, reducing call handle times and improving customer experience.

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Passport enforces enrollment and authentication based on credentials and risk criteria extracted from a call. These decisions are automated and governed through a flexible policy engine to build trust for genuine callers. Passport also provides critical insight into authentication performance, as well as key actionable intelligence about how callers are interacting with the IVR and agent.

  • CALL CAPTURE Passport is deployed in the cloud to simplify the integration and data acquisition needed for a call. Pindrop has eliminated the need to purchase and deploy an extensive hardware infrastructure — allowing enterprises to avoid operational and capital expenditure historically tied to on-premises equipment.
  • PASSPORT RESULTS Passport generates credentials for every inbound call in real-time. These credentials ultimately impact an authentication score, giving an IVR or agent the data necessary to make a confident decision about the caller.
  • DECISIONING To obtain authentication information for a caller, Passport has exposed APIs to interface with an IVR system or agent-CRM system. During a caller’s interaction with the call center, the IVR or agent software can confirm the identity of the caller at any point via an API request to the Pindrop cloud.

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Traditional call center identity solutions — including knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions, ANI verification, caller ID, and standalone voice biometric solutions— have all proven ineffective and inefficient. Passport succeeds as an authentication solution by addressing four critical requirements for next gen call centers.

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