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Pindrop® authentication solutions help contact centers authenticate legitimate callers quickly and accurately, reducing call handle times, enabling personalization, and improving customer experience.

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Pindrop’s authentication technology is based on credentials and risk criteria extracted from a call. These decisions are automated and governed through a flexible policy engine to build trust for genuine callers. Passport also provides critical insight into authentication performance, as well as key actionable intelligence about how callers are interacting with the IVR and agent.

  • CALL CAPTURE Passport is deployed in the cloud to simplify the integration and data acquisition needed for a call. Pindrop has eliminated the need to purchase and deploy an extensive hardware infrastructure — allowing enterprises to avoid operational and capital expenditure historically tied to on-premises equipment.
  • PASSPORT RESULTS Passport generates credentials for every inbound call in real-time. These credentials ultimately impact an authentication score, giving an IVR or agent the data necessary to make a confident decision about the caller.
  • DECISIONING To obtain authentication information for a caller, Passport has exposed APIs to interface with an IVR system or agent-CRM system. During a caller’s interaction with the call center, the IVR or agent software can confirm the identity of the caller at any point via an API request to the Pindrop cloud.

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Pindrop® Express is a risk-based caller ID validation tool designed to allow organizations to quickly authenticate customers. Express combines spoof detection and anomalous behavior detection with pre-ring authentication technology providing a more secure and streamlined experience for customers.  Express instantly validates the customer’s phone number as the call connects to deliver a simple “yes or no” authentication decision.

  • Authenticate before the phone rings Express uses carrier signaling to verify the caller ID’s or Automatic Number Identification (ANI’s) authenticity, which can then be match to the customer number on file to deliver a simple “yes or no” authentication decision.  Knowing who is on the call instantly can help improve the customer experience.
  • Go beyond ANI validation  If a solution is only rejecting spoofed numbers, the likelihood of authenticating the wrong person increases dramatically.  Express uses Pindrop’s proprietary risk engines and the Pindrop Consortium to analyze every call for more than just spoofing, but also will not validate a call from a high risk carrier or a number with anomalous behavior and history.  This ensures a higher level of scrutiny for authenticating calls that goes beyond caller id spoofing.
  • Proven Average Handle Time Reduction Passport Express reduces the need for extensive identity verification methods for most of your customers.  Pindrop has helped one of its customers save up to 44 seconds per call validated by Express, resulting in a estimated savings of $1.3M

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Benefits of Pindrop® Express

Reduce Average handle time

Enable More Self-Service

Improved Customer Experience

suspicious behavior detection

The Pindrop Difference

  • Risk-based Decisioning Pindrop’s risk engines built in to decisioning
  • Consortium More than half a million calls from Pindrop customers train active risk engines
  • Carrier Advantage Acquire more detailed intelligence for higher accuracy ANI validation
  • Proven AHT Reduction Has reduced existing authentication process by 44 seconds

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