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Written by: Amit Gupta

VP, Product

In a world where threats from Generative Artificial Intelligence continue to advance at an unprecedented pace, the need for robust cybersecurity solutions has never been more critical. At Pindrop, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of innovation, and today, we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our portfolio – the Audio Deepfake Detection Solution, Pindrop® Pulse.

The new solution is designed to fortify existing authentication and fraud detection products. This pioneering solution is engineered to detect audio deepfakes and voice clones in contact centers in real-time, setting a new standard for contact center security. With just 2 seconds of netspeech, this revolutionary solution has achieved an impressive 99% detection rate for known deepfake engines and over 90% detection for new or unseen deepfake generation engines while maintaining a minimal false positive rate of less than 1%. A liveness score, seamlessly integrated into a multi-factor fraud detection and authentication platform, enables automated real-time operationalization and post call-analysis

Every call center needs protection against deepfakes

With advancements in generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI), voice cloning has become a powerful tool that creates believable replicas of human voices. These artificially generated voices capture the mannerisms, cadences, and imperfections of human speech so well, rendering human ears ineffective at validating their veracity. This technology presents a new challenge for call centers to identify if it is a real human and not only if it is the right human. Similar to how captchas have become commonplace in online channels, deepfake detection leveraging AI detection technologies is now needed by every call center to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. 

AI that protects your call center against the advanced threat of Deepfakes

The threat of deepfakes is no longer in the future, but it is already here. Pulse employs liveness detection, a sophisticated technology that discerns deepfake audio by identifying unique patterns that come naturally to humans but are hard for machines to replicate at scale over sustained periods. Examples of such patterns include frequency distortions, voice variance, unnatural pauses, temporal anomalies, etc. Leveraging Deep Learning breakthroughs, Pulse analyzes these patterns to generate a “fakeprint” – a unit-vector low-rank mathematical representation preserving the artifacts distinguishing between machine-generated and generic human speech.

We’ve had the privilege to partner with some of the leaders in the banking and insurance industries as early adopters of this technology. First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) was among the first cohort of customers to deploy this solution in their contact centers and saw a remarkable accuracy for the technology to identify synthetic and recorded voices augmenting their existing fraud prevention controls.

In an era where AI advancements bring both innovation and new threats, FNBO remains committed to protecting our customers and their information. In an effort to proactively combat the emerging threat of deepfakes, our partnership with Pindrop provides us with cutting-edge solutions that safeguard our customers’ information with precision. After rigorous testing, we’re very happy with the results – Pindrop’s technology ensures our defense mechanism is robust against advanced threats. Their commitment to excellence and innovation makes them an invaluable ally in our mission to protect our customers.” – Steve Furlong, Director of Fraud Management at First National Bank of Omaha

As human ears are typically unable to differentiate between real human voice vs. AI-generated voice, Pindrop Pulse enables organizations to bolster the security of their contact centers to confidently serve the needs of their customers. With best-in-class performance, Pindrop Pulse provides seamless integration to Pindrop Passport and Pindrop Protect using the models developed with sustained leadership in research and exhibits core tenets of an effective deepfake detection solution.

  • Best-in-class Performance: Pindrop Pulse’s ability to detect deepfakes provides organizations and their customers protection against a variety of voice attacks, including recorded voice replay, synthetic voice, automated voice chatbot, voice modulation, and voice conversion. Pindrop’s technology has detected 99% of attacks that use previously seen deepfake tools and 90% of “zero-day” attacks that use new or previously unseen tools.
  • Integrated Customer Experience for Authentication and Fraud Protection: Pindrop Pulse, in combination with Pindrop Protect and Pindrop Passport, provides a strong line of defense against AI-generated, synthetic voice attacks that can perform large-scale account reconnaissance and takeovers. With seamless integration with existing authentication and fraud protection tools, Pulse helps keep customers safe from large-scale contact center fraud.
  • Sustained leadership in research for deepfake detection: With 18 patents filed or granted for audio deepfake detection, in addition to 250+ patents on voice security, Pindrop brings a solution that not only detects deepfakes created by engines from today but provides protection against zero-day attacks as well. Pindrop’s deepfake technology has been tested against a proprietary dataset of 20M audio samples that represent well over 120 AI systems that generate voices. Additionally, Pindrop has been among the top performers in the ASVspoof challenge since 2017. 
  • Designed by core tenets of deepfake detection:  With real-time detection, Pindrop Pulse provides continuous assessment during calls to protect against evolving threats. Resilient to noise, reverberation, and adversarial attacks, another core tenet of Pindrop’s deepfake solution is “explainability” (providing reasons and attributes of deepfake detection) to enhance the understanding and intelligence of security processes. This fraud feedback and intelligence provided by Pindrop’s solution can be used by security analysts to maximize the accuracy of fraud detection and case investigation processes. 

Stay Ahead, Stay Secure

As we launch this revolutionary module, we invite you to explore the future of contact center security with us.

Learn more about how our Audio Deepfake Detection solution can empower your organization here.

At Pindrop, we remain dedicated to providing innovative voice security solutions that meet and exceed the evolving demands of the digital landscape. Join us on this journey toward a more secure future.