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Facebook CSO: It’s Time to Focus on Real Problems

LAS VEGAS–The security community needs to get back to solving real problems facing real users in the real world, Facebook’s CSO said, and the company is putting up a million dollars to help do that. Alex Stamos, the top security official at Facebook, said security professionals are spending too much time focusing on elaborate hacks […]

On the Wire Podcast: Katie Moussouris

To prepare for Black Hat and DEF CON this week, we turned to our old friend Katie Moussouris of Luta Security, to talk about the changes in the conferences over the years and how the culture has evolved. We also talked about the current discussion in the security community about vulnerability sales and bug collisions […]

On the Wire Podcast: Black Hat Roundtable

In the midst of the Black Hat mayhem last week, Dennis Fisher took some time to sit down for a group podcast with some fellow journalists and other guests, including Patrick Gray of the Risky Business podcast, Jessy Irwin, Mike Mimoso of Threatpost, Fahmida Rashid of InfoWorld, Chris Brook of Threatpost, and Brian Donohue of […]

Using Forensic Linguistics to Fight Phone Fraud

LAS VEGAS–One of the difficulties in protecting against phone fraud scams is actually detecting them. Technology certainly helps, but in a lot of cases, it’s up to the potential victim on the other end of the line to figure it out for himself. That has turned out to be a fairly high hurdle for a […]

Researchers Bypass EMV Card Protections

LAS VEGAS–Chip-and-pin or EMV cards have been touted as a more secure alternative to traditional cards, but security researchers have found several methods for bypassing the security of these systems by abusing flaws in the point of interaction devices. Nir Valtman and Patrick Watson demonstrated several techniques for getting around the security on pinpad devices, […]

Kaminsky: We Need an NIH for Cybersecurity

LAS VEGAS–The security field needs an NIH-like organization for the deep study of defensive and offensive techniques and technology to help fix the systemic problems facing the industry, a prominent security researcher says. Dan Kaminsky, a longtime researcher, said the Internet is plagued by a number of serious issues right now, problems that threaten the […]

On the Wire Podcast: Black Hat Preview

The Black Hat conference has become an overwhelming mass of talks, press conferences, and more talks. In this episode of the podcast, Dennis Fisher calls up Mike Mimoso of Threatpost to go over the talks they’re interested in seeing, the Apple iOS 10 security session, and how the conference has evolved over the years.

Apple to Detail iOS 10 Security at Black Hat

Apple, notoriously closed-mouthed about its security technology, plans to detail three new security features of the upcoming iOS 10 operating system at the Black Hat conference next week. The company’s head of security engineering and architecture will present a talk that outlines the functionality of the mechanisms, including HomeKit, the company’s smart home controller, and […]