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Written by: Mike Yang

Caller ID is vulnerable as it an easily spoofable technique. Attackers are leveraging this and causing millions in losses. Reduce identity theft and account takeover. The phone call is being used increasingly by attackers. More than ever, the need to know your customer (KYC) when conducting business by phone is vital.
Pindrop Security has developed a breakthrough caller-ID product that helps detect, report and mitigate phone fraud. We have developed a patent-pending solution that can identify key attributes of any phone call including the device used, ID, call path, and geographic point of origin. Look at it as a call “fingerprint” that helps clients identify and avoid fraud.
Telephony has long been viewed as a trusted communication medium and is used by organizations and individuals to conduct important transactions. For example, customers activate their credit card using their phone and on the banks end, Caller-ID or Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is used to determine if it is the right customer. Essentially, Caller-ID or ANI provides the caller’s phone number (e.g., 1-404-555-0000). However, this information is limited and can be easily manipulated, leaving such services completely broken.
To address this we have developed a breakthrough Caller-ID alternative. It is based on our research that shows that every phone call has a fingerprint hidden away in it’s audio. This fingerprint reveals many aspects about a call including which phone device was used and what was the call path. We have developed our patent pending solution, that extracts this fingerprint completely and independently at one end to help determine the identity of the call source, essentially creating a Caller-ID alternative. Click here to request more information about this technology.