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Written by: Mike Yang

As election day draws closer, both the Trump and Clinton campaigns have been increasing their robocall efforts as they try to sway voters in key states, especially Florida. The vast majority of calls mentioning either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton have been made to numbers in Florida in the last month, as both candidates work to win the key electoral votes in that state.
Florida, which holds 29 electoral votes, has been a key state in many presidential elections, and that likely will be the case again this year. Current polls show Florida being a virtual toss-up with less than a week to go before the election, and both campaigns are pouring much of their robocall resources into trying to bring voters to their side. Data from Pindrop’s Phoneypot, which comprises thousands of phone numbers the company controls, shows that in the last month, Florida has been the main focus of calls mentioning either Trump or Clinton.
Here are some of the numbers from Oct. 1 through Nov. 1:
Calls mentioning Trump

  • 9,436 total calls
  • 1,142 calls to Florida numbers
  • 1,092 calls from Florida numbers

Calls mentioning Clinton

  • 9,159 total calls
  • 934 calls to Florida numbers
  • 849 calls from Florida numbers

No other state comes close to Florida’s total as either a source or destination of these calls. Ohio and Nevada come in second and third, respectively, for calls mentioning either candidate. But the totals for either of those states is barely 20 percent of what Florida is seeing. For both campaigns, the calls reached their peak on Oct. 23, with about 600 calls each that day. And both have begun ramping calls back up in recent days as the election inches closer, getting close to 500 calls per day now.
Meanwhile, both campaigns seem to be leaving Alaska and Hawaii to their own devices, with neither state receiving any calls.
(Note: A large number of the calls that hit the Phoneypot come from restricted numbers.)
Image: Reinhard Link, CC By-SA license.