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Written by: Mike Yang

phoneprint-color This week, Pindrop is proud to announce that we have been awarded a patent for our PhoneprintingTM technology, which combines authentication with fraud detection technology to verify legitimate callers and detect malicious callers.
Pindrop co-founder and CEO, Vijay Balasubramaniyan invented phoneprinting in 2010, while he was working on his PhD at Georgia Tech. Vijay noticed that there were subtle differences in audio characteristics of phone calls coming from different countries. In his thesis, “Using Single-Ended Audio Features to Determine Call Provenance,” Vijay created an algorithm to analyze call audio and identify anomalies in Caller-ID information.
Five years later, Vijay’s thesis has become the core of Pindrop’s Phoneprinting technology. Today, phoneprints analyze 147 audio characteristics to determine the risk level associated with each call. Phoneprinting has gotten more sophisticated as we’ve integrated voice biometrics and caller reputation information to create the Fraud Detection System (FDS).
Many of the largest banks, insurers, brokerages, and retailers in the US are using FDS phoneprinting to protect their call centers. They’re using Pindrop’s solution because it is the only one on the market that flags fraudulent callers on the first call, and functions regardless of call type or quality. Phoneprinting is the only technology that can detect and track voice distortion, Caller ID spoofing, gateway hijacking, and other fraud techniques.
With the new patent, we’re ready to continue to tackle the world of phone fraud and authentication.
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