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Written by: Mike Yang

onthewire-logo The threats in the phone channel evolve rapidly. Scammers move quickly from scheme to scheme, playing on victims’ fears and vulnerabilities to separate them from their money. Whether the target is an international bank or an individual consumer, the threats are just as sophisticated and effective. It can be difficult to keep up. Pindrop is leading the voice security technology fight against phone fraud and related threats, helping Fortune 500 companies defend themselves with innovative technology and research.
Scammers tend to stay one step ahead and are already starting to find new opportunities with voice activated devices such as Amazon Echo, Siri, with the emergence of Internet of Things, and even in out interactions with our cars. This technological shift presents challenges in terms of authentication, identity, and security. As our devices begin collecting data about us and our activities, attackers will focus on intercepting and compromising that data, raising a new set of problems.
Today, Pindrop is announcing the launch of On the Wire, an editorially independent news and analysis site dedicated to educating the public about authentication, phone fraud, and identity threats. The editorial direction of On the Wire is set by Dennis Fisher, a veteran journalist who has been covering security and privacy for more than 15 years. On the Wire will be the resource for news, features, and analytical pieces on the threats in the phone channel, as well as privacy and security concerns for any and all devices that contain a microphone and utilize voice.
This is the ground that On the Wire will cover, both through articles and weekly podcasts with researchers, experts, policymakers, and executives. Pindrop has always been dedicated to leading the way in fraud detection and prevention. We’re proud to offer On the Wire as a new resource for our customers and the broader Internet community.
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