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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

In a world where technology continues to evolve, most companies are currently experiencing a digital transformation. However, companies aren’t made up of just one channel of operation – and it may be hard to determine priority. Over the years, we have noticed that the call center is often pushed to the back burner, making it the weakest link. 

This lack of attention may be misguided, as a recent study shows that inbound call volume continues steadily. 60% of respondents in the study recorded they expect the amount of calls to remain the same or even increase. 

So, why are we placing importance on the call center? Let’s take a look into these voice channel value drivers:

  • Brand & Reputation 
    • When customers call into the call center, it may be the first point of contact with your company, and a good first impression may lead to lasting loyalty whereas a bad customer experience may turn them off entirely. Additionally, by protecting your call center from fraud you are able to avoid negative press, protect your brand values, and leverage reputation of safety. 
  • Security in the Call Center
    • When customers are verified via voice biometrics, their calls can be expedited to reciprocate their interest and loyalty. With security, fewer customers become victims of fraud, and personal information can be handled securely. 
  • The Omnichannel
    • The call center is often a starting point for fraudsters – they can obtain information via the phone channel and use it to hack into future accounts, steal identities, bank fraud, etc. 


Taking these factors into consideration, it is easy to see why call centers need to be in front of your company’s digital transformation – allowing customer service to be a clear priority to customers calling in. 

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