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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Eating healthier, exercising more, managing money better — these common New Year’s resolutions top the list for most of us, right? Similarly, while key performance indicators (KPIs) change year-over-year for most organizations, I’m willing to bet that the majority of 2018 call center resolutions look much like Deloitte’s survey results from 2017. Call center executives will focus on delivering effortless customer experiences, personalization, and somehow optimizing costs along the way, too.

While there are many ways to accomplish the above initiatives, such as reducing call transfer rates, improving speed to answer and queue times, or even improving first call resolutions — the elephant in the room to improve KPIs across the board is the time it takes to authenticate and identify legitimate customers.

Call centers provide customers access to immediate and direct personal service. However, legitimate customers are continuously inconvenienced with identity challenges on every level of interaction. These identity and verification processes not only rely heavily on high-friction measures that prevent effortless customer experiences, but they are also ineffective at safeguarding customers from the rising rate of fraud.

Call centers that effectively balance reliable security with a frictionless customer experience can reap benefits from operational efficiencies, including reduced average handle times, improved total cost per call, and decreased fraud exposure for customers.

Last week, Pindrop launched a groundbreaking solution to help call centers deliver exceptional customer experiences with passive, multi-factor authentication. Pindrop® Passport runs in the background of every call, combining patented Phoneprinting™ technology with our new Deep Voice™ biometrics engine to determine if a caller has the right device, voice, and behavior to access an account.

Passport’s ability to passively enroll and authenticate callers by matching them against multiple factors allows you to secure your call center and provide effortless engagements in your IVR and with your agents. And, with the confidence that you’re delivering services to a legitimate customer, you gain the ability to personalize experiences for those customers, and eliminate or reduce agent-assisted authentication time.

Call centers that have deployed our solutions are finding that Pindrop is quickly becoming the defining success factor for transforming the call center to a frictionless, secure channel. For more information on how to leverage Pindrop® Passport to secure your call center, or to see a demo of the solution, contact us here.