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Category: Device Security

February 1, 2016
Harvard Study Questions ‘Going Dark’ Crypto Problem
The FBI and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies have warned for years that the increased use of encryption by consumers is making surveillance and lawful interception much more difficult, impeding investigations. But a new study by a group of experts at Harvard’s Berkman Center says those claims are largely overblown and that the IoT…
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January 28, 2016
New Version of CenterPOS Malware Emerges
Researchers have discovered a new version of the CenterPOS malware that is capable of scraping memory and finding credit card data in running processes on infected devices. The malware is the latest iteration of CenterPOS, a family of point-of-sale malware that researchers have been tracking for several months. CenterPOS has been seen infecting PoS devices…
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January 21, 2016
California Bill Seeks Phone Crypto Backdoor
A week after a New York legislator introduced a bill that would require smartphone vendors to be able to decrypt users’ phones on demand from law enforcement, a California bill with the same intent has been introduced in that state’s assembly. On Wednesday, California Assemblyman Jim Cooper submitted a bill that has remarkably similar language…
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January 19, 2016
UK Government Voice Encryption Standard Built for Key Escrow, Surveillance
The U.K. government’s standard for encrypted voice communications, which already is in use in intelligence and other sectors and could be mandated for use in critical infrastructure applications, is set up to enable easy key escrow, according to new research. The standard is known as Secure Chorus, which implements an encryption protocol called MIKEY-SAKKE. The protocol was…
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January 13, 2016
Bankosy Android Trojan Defeats Voice 2FA
Bad guys are always looking for ways to up their game and find ways around the defenses that security companies and users put in their way. To wit, an Android banking Trojan called Bankosy that has added a new capability that allows attackers to bypass voice-based two-factor authentication. The malware has been around for a…
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January 13, 2016
New York Wants to Force Vendors to Decrypt Users’ Phones
A bill that is making its way through the New York state assembly would require that smartphone manufacturers build mechanisms into the devices that would allow the companies to decrypt or unlock them on demand from law enforcement. The New York bill is the latest entry in a long-running debate between privacy advocates and security experts on one…
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January 8, 2016
When Smart Devices Do Dumb Things
Smart devices are great. Until they’re not. Like when your smart TV is infected with DNS hijacking malware and refuses to do what it’s actually supposed to do, which is to let you watch TV. That’s the situation that a Reddit user found on his sister’s smart TV recently, reporting that after hitting a specific domain…
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January 7, 2016
On the Wire Podcast: Paul Roberts
Dennis Fisher talks with journalist Paul Roberts (@paulfroberts) of the Security Ledger about the state of security in the Internet of Things. The discussion touches on the way vendors are responding to security researchers who report bugs in their products, whether regulation is needed, emerging IoT protocols, and how the IoT security landscape mirrors the Internet…
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January 6, 2016
New WiFi HaLow Protocol Could Bring Old Security Issues
Perhaps because smart lightbulbs that refuse firmware updates and refrigerators with blue screens of death aren’t enough fun on their own, a new WiFi protocol designed specifically for IoT devices and appliances is on the horizon, bringing with it all of the potential security challenges you’ve come to know and love in WiFi classic. The new…
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