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Unmatched Performance: Pindrop’s Liveness Detection and the Waterloo Study

Amidst the advancements in voice biometrics technology, recent strides in generative AI have raised concerns about the performance of voice authentication. Deepfakes, capable of mimicking anyone’s voice with remarkable realism, have emerged as a prevailing threat to speaker verification systems. At Pindrop, our unwavering commitment to combating voice fraud sets us apart as industry-leading experts. […]

Exposing the Truth About Zero-Day Deepfake Attacks: Meta’s Voicebox Case Study

A lot has been written in the cyber security press recently about the declining efficacy of voice biometrics. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated synthetic content has been frequently attributed as a critical threat to the reliability of voice-based authentication methods, casting doubts on its long-term viability. Call center teams have been concerned about the […]